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Root LG Esteem custom kernel questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dazemc, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. dazemc

    dazemc Member
    Thread Starter

    I greatly enjoy learning as much as I can about everything...I specifically enjoy computer related material...I basically can learn anything in a short amount of time...I recently turned my interests towards building custom kernels and I am gathering as much information as I currently can...I want to build a kernel for the LG Esteem and I need help...I just want to hear your opinions...Sooooo, I'll list some questions...Thank you for your answers in advance...

    1. Best Linux OS (for android sdk and compiling...arch? haha)?*
    2. most RECENT guides or creating custom kernels?**
    3. requests?
    4. Is this really wanted at all?

    * 'Best' as in compatible, lightweight, and stable (I don't want to start an OS war)

    ** Notice the plural for guide? I want as much as you can give me

    Thank you, Daazed

    Edit: Shit, forgot to ask for source on ZVE kernel or means to obtain


  2. Slickinator

    Slickinator Android Enthusiast

    old ubuntu or xfce ubuntu are fast, arch if you don't mind going through the long installation, and for requests well the 2.3.4 kernel in the esteem is shit, but it's be cool to have better multitasking but not allowing many apps to be open, like closing the apps that were open the longest or something, probably better to make one from scratch though lol or from a pure AOSP 2.3.4 kernel, I think there's a lot of guides over on XDA so I'd check there and yeah I'd want some custom kernels
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  3. horsecharles

    horsecharles Android Expert

    I'll take a custom kernel too.

    I have the downloaded zve if ya want it.
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  4. dazemc

    dazemc Member
    Thread Starter

    yes definitely
  5. travioso

    travioso Android Expert

    You mind linking me to the source? Thanks..
  6. horsecharles

    horsecharles Android Expert

    So sorry for the late reply...

    dazemc, I totally missed your post.

    travioso, i was away all this time. Good luck on that secret project!

    Get it here: Free large file exchange service without size limits
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  7. bcifer

    bcifer Well-Known Member

  8. travioso

    travioso Android Expert

    That is the restore file for LGPNST correct? (haven't played with that much) What I'm actually looking for is the uncompiled source code.. Like what is found here.. https://www.lg.com/global/support/opensource/opensourceList?types=ALL&search=ms910 Unfortunately they only go up to ZVE.. Thanks for trying though.. I just wrote LG an email asking about it..
  9. horsecharles

    horsecharles Android Expert

  10. travioso

    travioso Android Expert

    No worries man honest mistake.. Thanks for trying..
  11. travioso

    travioso Android Expert

    Well, got a reply from LG.. Not the one I was hoping for.. Sounds like an outsourced stock answer (broken english and all that good stuff).. Just keeping ya'll in the loop..


    We are very sorry for the delay.
  12. mickyy

    mickyy Lurker

    Does yours has USB OTG support? I am looking for one kernel who i can get confirmation USB OTG works fro Esteem?

    Also would ROM matter for USB OTG ?

    Thanks Yall

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