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LG Eve stuck on Android splash screen - completely non-responsive

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Allie3412, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Allie3412

    Allie3412 Lurker
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    So I've searched the forum database and the internet at large and can't seem to find anyone with 'exactly' my problem. My Eve has been problematic since I got it 3 months ago. I perform at least 10 battery pulls a day to get it to 'wake up' because nothing else works. It started to get really cranky on Friday night but it continued working -- very slowly -- but I kept getting error msgs (don't ask me, can't remember!) The battery dies, so I plugged it in overnight. Since then it turns on, shows the Rogers screen, gets to the Android screen with the light scrolling across the letters, then hangs there. Twice I somehow managed to get it to a screen that said ARM11 has failed and gave me 2 options, volume down or volume up. I tried each of these once...same thing. Today it somehow got to ! EMERGENCY MODE but was then completely unresponsive while showing this text. I called Rogers and he suggested I do an update but that it would erase all my info. I was desperate and tried this, but to no avail. Did not do anything different to my phone. As I sit here typing, the Android screen is scrolling sideways, doing it's thing. Meanwhile I have no cell phone.

    Can anyone help? Do I need to send this thing back? Apparently Rogers doesn't replace it (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). They ship it on my behalf to LG who assesses and decides if they will replace or inform Rogers to inform me that it needs to be repaired, then LG charges me $30 for the assesment. Could take 2-3 weeks -- they will give me an old flip phone to use for that time. Great. Thanks. Meanwhile no discount on the monthly Data/Cell phone plan. It's kind of striking a nerve. I'm considering sending it back and buying a used iPhone 3G for $300 and if I get the Eve back, I'll sell it over the internet.

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller...?

  2. drowned.rat

    drowned.rat Newbie

    I had almost the same issue. Exccept when I got to the splash screen it rebooted causing a constant loop. I took it to Rogers and they told me that LG is the only company that demands they attempt to repair all phones (other companies allow Rogers to give you a replacement). LG makes you mail them the phone (thru Rogers) and then attempts a repair. In my case (and likely yours) they had to gut my phone. They saved the cost of the case and screen by putting the new innards into my old shell and sent it back to me.

    It works alot better now....but I have a sneaky suspicion it is heading back down the same path.

    GL. Take it to your local Rogers Repair outlet to start the process (this is the story for Canada anyways)
  3. Jay-Eff

    Jay-Eff Well-Known Member

    If you are looking for a phone read the site properly. This website only sell stickers(skin) to be applied to the phone.
  4. Jay-Eff

    Jay-Eff Well-Known Member

    I did the update on my EVE from 10c to 10f and I did not lose anything.

    At the point where you are at, you should give it a try. Buying a different phone will also lead to lost your infos so...
  5. samos123

    samos123 Lurker

    I'm having the exact same problem I just bought the phone 4 days ago. It worked for 2 days and than I got the problem that I got stuck at android screen. Than it worked for 1 day again and today I'm having the exact same problem....

    Is there any way to fix this yourself?
  6. samos123

    samos123 Lurker

    It worked for 4 days again and today I'm having the same problem with the andriod splash screen. Will installing a new rom work?

    I'm currently trying to get it into fastboot but that also doesn't seem to work.
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  8. Americalex

    Americalex Lurker


    First of all, hello to you. I found a solution for this problem.

    I seriously registered on here just to post the solution, because I felt how annoying it must be to be stuck with this lame ass problem! It will be my only post, and I truly hope it helps some people work around this dead end!

    My wife has the LG Eve (so do i) but her phone has always been more crashy then mine. Today it totally crashed and became the exact situation you are experiencing, stuck on the android screen.

    I was desperate for a solution because we're out traveling, so I browsed the net and wouldn't find anything. I found your thread and saw the desperation of others who just couldn't get it fixed.

    What follows worked for me:

    1) Removed the memory card
    2) Removed the SIM card
    3) Removed the battery
    4) Plugged into the charger
    5) Turned the phone on (without the battery!)
    6) It gives you an image insisting that you should put on the battery lol
    7) Put the battery back in
    8) The phone didn't really power on after that, but it went to the "battery charging" animation
    9) Press the power button to power it on
    10) That's when it finally booted
    11) The OS was instantly crashing in my case, some "Android Box Process Crash, Force Close"
    12) If you have that same issue, you need to click the button to place a phone call inbetween 2 such crashes really quickly, like Lucky Luke so to speak.
    13) Once you're into the phone call dialer, dial the phone reset code: 3845#*620#
    14) Chose the "reset phone" option. You will lose all contacts and whatever, but your phone will boot like a fresh install, all bugs gone! Resurrected like a mini jesus!
    15) If this doesn't work for you, I am sorry. It did for us!

    If it worked for you and you want to let me know, pay me a quick visit on forums.annexation.ca!

    Respectfully Cheers!


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