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LG G2 D801 vs D802 for MetroPCS

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mrdiaz0108, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Mrdiaz0108

    Mrdiaz0108 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello everyone!
    I'm having difficulties knowing which G2 should I buy. Right now I'm with metropcs and I wanted to connect a G2 to metro but my question is: would the G2 D801 work the same as the D802 and what is the difference? And has anyone connected a G2 to Metropcs? If so please let me know if you had any problems while connecting it and if you have to do anything to the phone before going to the store to connect it.
    Thanks Everyone!

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  2. geetech84

    geetech84 Member

    I have the D801 on metro..It works great and love it..

    I don't know about the difference between D801 and D802..
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  3. Mrdiaz0108

    Mrdiaz0108 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    But is the D801 model t-mobile? or would you have to unlock it?
  4. steamer86

    steamer86 Well-Known Member

    Verizon's is unlocked globally, has wireless charging, and band for LTE-A. Buttons are a different setup though. Personally, if going for a G2, I would pick Verizon's, but, I already have it. Bands are the difference between 801-2. I'm pretty sure the 802 is NOT ready for LTE-A (no band for it). Look it up though.
  5. dportal2006

    dportal2006 Android Enthusiast

    Did you have to unlock your t-mobile model to get it working with Metro?
  6. geetech84

    geetech84 Member

    "My is a T-Mobile version"

    No I did not have to unlock it..

    Go to the main Corporation Metropcs store.. cause the other Metropcs stores..They will try to rip you off.. They try to tell me I had to unlock it and all together it would cost me 49.90..."I knew he was trying rip me off,cause T-Mobile phones, you really don't have to unlock cause Metropcs work off their network."

    So I took mine to the main Metropcs store..and they put the sim card in and it read Metropcs ..and it work fine no problems, only cost me 10 for the sim-card and 15 to upgrade/activate..But you could probably buy the sim-card and do it online for free.. I found out later I could of save 15 by doing it online.. "but hell 25 better then almost 50 lol"

    Hope that helps
  7. hjr87

    hjr87 Lurker

    Hello I have the D801 but only data and making calls work can I get the APN settings u using I tried a lot not and not working.
  8. hjr87

    hjr87 Lurker

    Can I get your APN settings plz

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