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lg g2 fastboot mode wont go away HELP!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by artist510, Apr 11, 2016.

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    okay so I'm going to start off at the beginning of how all this crap started i had got me a new phone it was a very nice lg g2 and great at performance, HD videos, high quality camera, excellent game performance, basically everything you expect out of a new phone but the only thing that bothered me was the bloatware so many apps was on there and i wanted them off because my phone looked Unorganized because of so many apps these were system apps and apps that came with the phone, so i looked up how to delete or uninstall them, the solution was i had to root my phone so i rooted it and it was successful but, this was the worst mistake Ive ever made i was deleting apps carelessly i wasn't even thinking about did i need them or not i was just deleting apps like it was nothing. After all that i rebooted my phone so ya know just to make sure they were all gone, after i rebooted my phone this error message popped up it was something like "error com.android.phone has unexpectedly stopped" I didn't think it was a big deal, i pressed "OK" but the error message came back up in an instant not even 1 second:eek:, i pressed it again it wouldn't go away:eek: i kept pressing okay but it kept coming this lasted about 5 minutes it still wouldn't go away okay now i was getting annoyed :mad::mad::mad: so i searched up how to get rid of "com.android.phone" it said to clear cache on phone app and sim toolkit i did that it was still popping up so i did every solution i could find nothing worked!!!! i was getting really frustrated and angry:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: i even did a factory reset, still popping up so i scrolled on a post about flashing a new ROM so i read on it and i downloaded the tools for it my phone model is a lg g2 d800 at&t but i flashed a lg g2 d801 t-mobile i flashed the wrong ROM so the t-mobile one was looking nice i was thinking about keeping it until i noticed a lot of things i couldn't play videos every time i try to play a video on a you-tube app my phone would freeze and reboot itself or when im on my phone it will randomly reboot itself, did a factory reset see if that'll help but it didn't still couldn't watch videos my phone freeze reboot itself again i was getting tired of it, my phone lags now and i regret removing those system apps, now i scrolled on a thread about restoring your stock ROM i read it downloaded the tools needed i tried to restore it but it said "error wrong device model" see i was flashing a LG G2 D800 at&t my phone thinks its a d801 now so i cant flash a d800 i was really upset but i read on some more post it said something like "hex editor tool" to edit your ROM since my phone thought it was a D801 i edited the ROM D800 to D801 i tried to flash it again it came to another error "previous load failed" i was pissed i looked up solutions for that error nothing worked the error still kept popping up, so i read on some more post this app called "twrp recovery" this app is used to restore your stock ROM i found my ROM and try to recover it but something strange happened it had "fastboot mode started" just a black screen, i looked up how to get rid of fastboot mode i tried every solution and commands but fastboot wouldn't recognize my phone device UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! i was a volcano about to erupt i was really pissed :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: :mad: so i was still wondering how to flash new ROM so i scrolled on this post about "build prop editor" to edit your model number (since my phone thought it was a D801 and i tried to flash a D800 didn't work) i edited my model number from D801 to D800 that's what my model was anyway says on the back of my phone and after that i tried to flash my ROM now everything was going fine no errors (oh yeah i was using lg flash tool for TOT files) i guess it worked changing my build model number put my phone into download mode of course it said ready so i rebooted my phone that's what the instructions said and put my phone back into download mode i was waiting and waiting and waiting .......................................... nothing happened i waited for like 10 minutes something wasn't right my model number was D800 now and my ROM was for D800 lg g2's i didn't see what was the problem, (but in download mode there's a little rectangle box at the bottom that tells your model number now this was before fastboot) now in download mode it only says user b3 is that the problem or something does it supposed to say your model number because before fastboot it said my model number and i could easily flash my new rom) is the problem fastboot do i have to get rid of it ??? i tried to factory reset everything to start over again but fastboot mode is in the way i cant get it off!!!!!!!!!! please help,, getting rid of fastboot maybe my only option now i really want my old lg g2 back at&t this has been going on for about 2 weeks i have been researching about fastboot but nothing works or is too complicated and difficult.. if you have the solution please answer me i really want my phone back i want to watch movies again on my phone and youtube videos without lagging or rebooting itself... please if you have the solution please give the instructions step by step explaining the step too ive been really stressing :(:(:(:(


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