Help LG G2 Screen Flickering Issues


Im on my 3rd phone (LG G2) and my phone is having some of the same problems you guys and gals are having.:mad: I just got off the phone with AT&T tech support and told the guy my frustration with these phones i.e. screen flickering, not responding to touch when pushing icon, screen getting hot, etc, etc. He once again told me (like the others) that he never heard of these issues before with the LG G2.:thinking: He then put me on hold for about 10 minutes and called LG Tech Support himself. He finally got back on the phone and said LG is aware of the screen issues and are gonna do a joint effort with AT&T to release a software update in the near future to address these issues but didn't give specific dates:D. He did on the other hand give me LG tech support number (which you could probably get from LG's site) which is 1-800-793-8896. He also informed me that this update is for the G2 and don't know anything about the nexus problems.


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Thanks for your update ABC76.

There are two other threads on this here...

FWIW: I just returned a VZW-branded unit to Amazon because of this (and I had read somewhere else about a T-mobile or Sprint user experiencing same - don't remember which). LG suggested to the AT&T rep it's software fixable huh? Interesting.

If that is the case - I would think everyone would be complaining. Mine was getting pretty bad with the flicker and would have been obvious to others (it's annoying), but I didn't experience an unresponsive screen (icons touched did stuff), nor was the screen getting hot. Hmmm.

I found some posts here and there on the screen flicker behavior and since it wasn't universally complained about - I figured my phone had a HW problem and was an outlier.

If the issue is universal, you'd think there would be more written up on it by other owners. More Hmmm.

So from your post, should I infer the NEXUS is/was experiencing similar issues?

When I get my replacement, if the behavior is the same, I'm contacting LG. Thanks again.


Your phone is lagging call08448475454 lg will send out envelope to get it fix need new components ... As I've just found out as mine does the same xx