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Support LG G2 Wifi and Bluetooth not working

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Vijay_S, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Vijay_S

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    Apr 6, 2016

    Apr 6, 2016
    I have an LG G2 ( d802 - International) which has some issues with wifi and Bluetooth. On my phone mac addresses(both wifi and Bluetooth) are not showing up. It happened yesterday when I was using my phone which was running cm13, all of a sudden the wifi stopped so at first I tried to turn it off and on again, which didnt seem to work because the wifi didnt turn on (I dont really need bluetooth as of my daily life). So I rebooted my phone and the problem persisted. So i decided to factory reset with TWRP ( I normally reset once every so often to speed up my phone again , and at this point my phone was getting really slow). Which I did, but then something wired happened... The upgrading android dialog box came up after the reset and it showed ~140 apps. But normally that wouldnt happen after a reset. I didnt mind that and checked to see if the wifi worked again, yet no luck. So I went for a full format of data, which also popped up with the upgrading android. So I thought maybe it was to do with the rom, and decided to try out some other rom. So i had 2 roms on my sdcard at that time, Dorimanx-V9.7-LP and the stock lg rom. At first when i tried the Dorimanx rom it didnt work and wasnt booting right so I was not bothered to fix and I went for the stock rom which worked.. and it happened again... upgrading android dialog box. So i started researching and saw it mention that this could be a cause of bootloaders not being the right version, now i do not know a lot about bootloaders so I couldnt really do anything. I tried to update twrp with auto rec ( i got the apk thru usb from pc to phone), which worked yet still no fix.

    Lg G2 (D802)
    Wifi and bluetooth not working ( No mac addresses)
    Running :Stock lp rom for lg
    Twrp : 2.8

    Any Help would be appreciated, Thanks in advance!


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