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LG G2X vs Atrix 2 vs Atrix 4G?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ReDDs3D, May 3, 2012.

  1. ReDDs3D

    ReDDs3D Member
    Thread Starter

    So I had bought an Xperia play last week and well that just didn't work out for me :p, it just didn't have the features that I wanted and I didn't even use the gamepad as much as I had expected too, so I returned it within a week got my money back and now I'm thinking of trying these (unlocked GSM) phones...

    LG G2X
    Atrix 2
    Atrix 4G

    The reason I'm adding the ATRIX 2 AND ATRIX 4G is because well, both are similar in specs, but the Atrix 4G (the first one) has Tegra 2 and I'm wondering if since the tegra 2 was made for gaming (compared to the OMAP in the Atrix 2) would that be a better choice...

    I was thinking about the Sensation, but that ugly design just pulled me off (just my opinion, others love it, I hate it)

    Basically I want a phone that
    +Stable, bug free, no restarts, freezes, etc.
    +Good gaming (GTA3, dead space, shadowgun, etc. n64oid and FPSE)
    +Good performance (in terms of snappiness and stuff)
    +Can be rooted
    +With atleast a decent Development community (ROMS, Root apps, overclock, etc.)
    +HDMI Mirroring (I really wanna use this as a HD movie playback device and I also wanna play n64 on the big screen and such....I REALLY WANT THIS)

    Things that would be nice, but aren't mandatory
    +Ice Cream Sandwhich (or atleast the update sometime in the future)
    +Good battery
    +Good sound quality (for music)

    So which one does it the best?


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  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    Well, I'll be honest, I haven't used any of those phones, but I'll throw in what I do know.
    Tegra 2 is pretty overrated. Yes, it is optimized for gaming, but the OMAP is no slouch. I have one of the latest OMAP processors on my Nexus and had a Tab 10.1 which used a Tegra 2. The Tab was extremely laggy (but, I'll chalk a lot of that up to running HC). Nexus is snappy and smooth (again, I'll chalk a lot of that up to ICS).
    The Atrix 4G, I believe, has an unlocked bootloader and thus can be far more modded than the Atrix 2. The 2 also has a very small spec bump to it and sheds the fingerprint scanner and dedicated camera button.
    The G2X looks to have very little development going on for it, but I'm sure there are some ICS ROMs out there for it.
  3. ReDDs3D

    ReDDs3D Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the fast reply! Uhh yeah, the fingerprint scanner and dedicated camera buttons are things I just don't care about, but I can believe you that OMAP is no slouch, as my friends Galaxy Nexus' is one hell of a speedy phone. I'm just wondering about this since the 4G's tegra has a better quadrant (~2500 vs ~2250 on the 2).

    I kind of am leaning towards the Atrix 2, since after some reasearch, lots of people are complaining about the unstaibility of the G2X (but damn, that's a fast phone :O), but I also heard that on the Atrix 2, HDMI mirroring is slow and choppy :S
  4. I have an Atrix 2 and I am using it for past 1 month. Its a pretty nice phone. Very speedy and no lag. All the games run quite smoothly. The only thing needed is an ICS update.

    Rooting is very easy. Just takes a minute or so. But there are no stable ICS roms right now.

    HDMI is very smooth. I don't think its laggy. And along with that you get 10 EA Games too. :p

    And one more thing. I feel TI OMAP is far better than Tegra 2. I have used Tegra 2 on Galaxy R and I wasn't impressed.
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