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LG G3 and Sennheiser Headphones

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LikPW, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. LikPW

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    So i have my LG G3 for a couple of months now and i found this problem. I have a sennheiser earphones and whenever i plugged it unto my LG G3 it will act weird, music will stop/play by itself, voice commands activate by itself and volumes sometimes goes up and down. So i started using the LG earphones and it broke. Now while waiting to buy a new headphone im using my ATH M50 but with a Sennheiser jack(cause of recabling) and it acts weird exactly the same as the old earphones.

    Are there any fix for this? I have all my software updated

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  2. KOLIO

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    Can you troubleshoot/duplicate this w/another phone?

    Also,this might be something to look at:

    At least w/the LG G3,as the issues w/this phone & audio cables/headphones seem to be a recurring topic of discussion of late.

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