LG G4 has incorrect image metadata date

Anyone know how to update the metadata date for the LG G4 camera software?
The issue: The metadata time stamp for photos is not working properly on my LG G4. When taking photos with the rear facing camera, and syncing them to Amazon cloud, they dont show up as if taken today, but rather are stored in the decade of 1970 or "no date". Interestingly, when taking videos with the rear facing camera, they appear correctly organized to the date they were recorded. When using the front facing camera, those images also appear to have the correct time stamp and sync to the cloud in the correct order.
Even more confusing is that the file details of the image indicate the correct date both when viewed in the phone's gallery and when the image is stored in the cloud... So, its not until an image is taken with the rear facing camera and synced to the cloud, that i realize the problem.

More details:
- about 3 weeks ago i had to send my phone to LG repair because the phone's image gallery would refuse to play any videos. They repaired this by replacing the entire camera unit. It is at this point i began experiencing the problem.
- Phone came back from LG repair in factory reset condition. ( i have not factory reset since)
- on 2/23/16 LG tech support said this is solely a phone software issue and couldn't help.
-clearing cache and data on the camera didn't work.
-restart didn't work
-pulling the battery didn't work.
-Software: android 6.0 , LS991ZVA
-phone is up to date on all software and firmware
-Issue occurs regardless of where i store the photos on the phone, phone memory or SD card.
- Re-installation of amazon photo app did not help

thank you


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correct, not rooted. it was repaired under warranty by LG. Its also under a leased contract, so perhaps i can get Sprint to replace it, but if there is a simple solution i'll take it vs dealing with them.