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LG G4 or Galaxy S6?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by g4ors6, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. g4ors6

    g4ors6 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm planning on upgrading next month and I am mainly focus on Galaxy S6 and LG G4. Both are great phone, even though S6 has lost the removable battery but my friend’s mpj extended battery case for S6 seems fine either so removable battery is a little of an issue. My question is that which phone has better camera and screen?

  2. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Android Expert

    Screen is very subjective. If you like AMOLED screens, you'll prefer the S6's. That's not to say that the screen on the G4 is not fantastic. Cameras are both excellent.

    I had the S6 for a day and hated it. I thought the form factor was terrible. Way too slippery. Plus, coming from the G3 the screen size reduction didn't work for me. I just hated the S6. Couldn't return it fast enough.

    What are you coming from?
  3. SpyderBite

    SpyderBite Well-Known Member

    Every carrier has a 14 day return policy. Why not try one out and form your own conclusion? Or hit your carrier's local store and try them both out hands on.

    I've been completely satisfied with my G3 so it was a no brainer for me to upgrade to the G4.

    Curiosity drives most people to defect to another brand. In my case I just stick to what works for me. Until it doesn't and only then will I seek out other options.
  4. I have tried both the S6 and the G4 I agree with Hilmar 2k. In addition if you grip it too hard you are unable to input data.
  5. buttercup24

    buttercup24 Member

    Galaxy S6 is sexy. There's not much to expect with LG G4. Between the 2, I'd prefer the S6 but again, it's your personal preference.
  6. tsquad

    tsquad Newbie

    I currently have the G4 and S6 edge. I actually like them both. To the point of the s6 being slippery, once you put a case in it that's not an issue. I prefer the s6 camera over the g4 as it just seems clearer, and the front facing camera just seems way better on it. I have always been a Samsung guy and only have the G4 because I got it for my work phone this month. But I had been fairly impressed by it I must say.
  7. psf57

    psf57 Well-Known Member

    I had the Galaxy S5, went to droid turbo (hated it- problem phone) then decided I "was" going to go to the S6. Until I held it, looked at it and thought, shoot I'm typically not a clumsy person, but with all that glass, I could see me becoming one. Plus seems the screen is more narrow. So checked out the LG G4 and yep, loved it. Working awesome on AT&T, no problems. no lag, no touchscreen problems, battery great and, imo, color is fantastic on it. I do keep the brightness down to 30% indoors but hike it up out in the sun.
  8. skeets92

    skeets92 Newbie

    I have used both they are both great, my pros and cons are the g4 is bigger screen better camera and the screen colors sem real unlike the s6 feels a bit cartoonish , great battery, the s6 is very thin and small actually like the smaller phone with a 5" screen, the s6 is lighting fast and also has good battery life. the gui of the s6 is also better in my opinion. Its hard to say which is better but the g4 has a promotion for a 32gb sd card and an extra battery with charger. imo it all depends on what you do with your phone want a camera and a 5.5 inch screen g4, smaller phone with a better gui s6.
  9. Proctorc

    Proctorc Member

    From everything I read the camera is better on the G4. Really comes to prefence as Samsung offers more bells and whistles out of the box.
  10. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Kind of a necro but wth I'll chip in my .02 anyway. I'm an LG fan though I feel like they've been slipping slightly ever since the G2. Nominal updates and form factor has not improved much imo. I like the S6 much better than G2/G3/G4 in terms of form, screen and functionality. It does have moar bloat than the LG devices so root is helpful whereas LG has tightened the reigns on all things root and as of this writing, the G4 has not achieved a repeatable, safe method.

    The S6 battery has far exceeded expectations but here's what you can plan on...the exynos does a killer job at power management for light to medium use but fails at heavy use such as gaming, streaming etc. The LG will do better when taxed.

    I'm not a huge Samsung fan typically but I feel like hardware wise at minimum, they've eclipsed all recent LG offerings. That said, LG is my go to manufacturer so I'm hoping (almost begging) they up the ante on the next release from the hardware and build perspective so I can get back into my comfort zone.
  11. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Android Expert

    Really? You think the build quality in the G4 is lacking? I find it so much better ergonomically than the S6. The S6 is beautiful, to be sure, but a train wreck ergonomically. Of course, the G4 with the plastic back does leave a little to be desired, but the leather back is awesome.
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  12. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    I can definitely understand why a lot of people would like the slightly curved design of LG from the ergonomic perspective. But I have grown to appreciate the slimmed down S6. It absolutely DOES need a case though, its slick and I'd have eventually dropped it. But I ordered a clear Spigen minimal case prior to even getting the device and its perfect for me while still showing off a sharp looking phone. IDK, as always it's a matter of personal opinion. What I miss most about LG is the development community. Good bunch of people.
  13. My battery dies three times a day. A DAY!!! And I have all apps turned off, brightness % at like 50 (which means it's too dim for my liking), and screensaver turns on after five minutes. What gives with the G4 battery?

    Also, how do you setup an indoors and outdoors brightness setting?
  14. swtrainer

    swtrainer Lurker

    I chose the LG G4 over the S6 because I prefer replaceable battery and expansion microSD that, for some reason, Samsung didn't see fit to include. So far, I've been pretty satisfied...love the camera and moving from a Note 4 to the G4, I adjusted pretty quick to the smaller screen. I'm seriously considering the LG V10 now that I'm seeing it.
  15. varaonaid

    varaonaid Android Enthusiast

    I agree with swtrainer.

    I did a bunch of research and then went to the VZW store. I've loved Samsung phones but (and was moving from a Note 3) but I absolutely could not stand or justify the S6. Didn't like the ergonomics, didn't like the smaller screen,didn't like the style. Some of these issues can be dealt with using a case. But here's where I feel Samsung lost the soul of their Galaxy line...they took away my freedom and choice by removing the microSD card slot and the removable battery. I agree that the battery is less of an issue than it used to be with battery cases, external battery packs, etc. But,eventually,that battery will lose its ability hold a charge and literally for a few bucks, I'll have a new one. The microSD is just great. I love taking full advantage of the camera and video capabilities and I never have to worry about how much I'm shooting and I don't have to rely on my data plan to upload stuff so I can take more photos/video. Maybe not important to some people but I love it. Also great for caching online radio for streaming without using data or worrying about signal strength on long trips. Also great for the same thing with movies. Plus you can now save YouTube videos if you have Google Play Music/YouTube Red. Expansion card slots just give a lot of flexibility that I'm not willing to give up.

    The camera depends on what you want to some extent. The LG G4 camera is absolutely fantastic. Like love, love, love, adore it. The low light performance is unmatched by any other camera I've used and you can easily capture shots without a flash that would be impossible with my Note 3, or even my good bridge camera. Fill manual control if you want it, excellent auto performance if you don't. It's seriously a photo lover's dream camera for a smartphone. I'm also a huge fan and convert to the rear buttons. Wasn't sure at first if I'd get onto the feel of it but after just a few hours,it's so much more natural than anything else. Can be used with either hand and doesn't accidentally turn on or off when changing orientation and the like which happened often on my previous phones. I'm also a huge fan and convert to the on screen buttons. My husband's Samsung Galaxy phone had the home button completely die and in order to fix it requires replacing not only the entire screen but multiple other pieces and cost several hundred dollars. Can't happen with on screen buttons and I love that they change basin on screen orientation and context.

    I love the screen and design of the G4. Easy to hold on the hand and yet almost the same size as my Note 3.

    The other thing I couldn't justify was the price difference. In addition to all the ergonomics, design, battery, expansion card slot, camera, UI, etc, I simply couldn't justify the price difference. Im not sure what they current pricing is but it was going to cost us $250 more for the S6 with half the memory of the G4. That sealed the decision for me. Samsung I had heard was forced to drop prices around the time we purchased but it might be closer now. If I had adored the S6 maybe it would have been worth it. But no way. I was honestly really sad and disappointed to see the new Samsung line. I loved, loved my previous Samsung phones...but not the new ones. :-(

    I just have to add that I haven't had any issues with my battery like one previous poster mentioned. I almost never run out of battery before the end of day. I don't use a battery saver, turn things off, or anything else like that. And I quick charge technology, which I believe the CD has as well. Makes a huge difference for me knowing that if battery does run low sometime, just 30 min gets me to 60-70% charge. IMy husband also has the G4 and often will only charge his phone every other night.

    Phones are super personal and you'll have to decide what's most important to you. I was looking for a new phone now, I'd also have the LG V10 on my list as others have mentioned and I'd likely be choosing between the G4 and V10. But the differences will depend on your needs, wants, and use. Good luck with your decision.
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  16. scrubguy

    scrubguy Newbie

    I'd go with the G4, I just came from a note 4 to G4 and it was a good move. G4 is not too big and it has removable battery and SD which is a huge factor. Excellent camera, and fast processor. No lag or hiccups like I had with the note 4. If I would have waited another month I probably would of bought the V10, but maybe not because I bought a mint G4 on swappa for $325 so I can hold onto my Verizon upgrade.
  17. psionandy

    psionandy Extreme Android User

    Both are nice phones... and most people could be happy with either one...

    So... Go and find a store where you can play with them... Hands on is the only way to test and find out which is the best one for you.
  18. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Android Expert

  19. dylanesque

    dylanesque Lurker

    I had my S6 stolen and have just bought G4.
    Things i liked about S6
    .Fingerprint sensor
    .Premium feel
    .Camera amazing
    Things I hated about S6
    .non removable battery
    .storage options
    .copying iphone (price too)
    Despite having LG a few days only minor things i prefer with S6 are the placement of back button im not sure why LG has its home and back button on screen?Also i did think the S6 camera out of the box is fabulous .Also think S6 has a much faster charge.
    Overall i like the fact you can replace the battery and storage onG4 .Also the Camera is very good and i quite like some of the UI settings.A major major plus is the battery life (mine still lollipop ,ive heard LG battery hasnt been as good on M)which is miles better than the S6.
    Overall although S6 has some wins over the LG my opinion is that the G4 is a better alrounder .
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  20. strkngfang

    strkngfang Lurker

    I also chose the LG G4 over the S6 and my biggest reasons were price and removable battery & SD card. I researched them both and they were pretty even on most features. I didn't care about the "premium" feel of the S6, I use a "body glove" case for my G4 which more than protects it and it feels good in the hand. As another posted said, I think the S6 was trying to copy the i phone. I also like the large size of the G4.
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  21. shadavis08

    shadavis08 Newbie

    You have a link to this body glove case you got for your G4? I'm looking for a good case! The UI is much better on my G4 than on my wife's S6 for sure!
  22. strkngfang

    strkngfang Lurker

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