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LG-H345 Drops call to one number. Otherwise works fine

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Starhammer, Aug 13, 2018.

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    My LG-H345 is immediately dropping a call when I try to connect to one number. Unfortunately this number happens to be my voicemail. I can send and receive calls just fine otherwise. My voicemail is set up and was working fine up until this started happening a couple months ago. The phone is updated. I've tried turning it off and on again. I have not yet done a factory reset because I'm not enthusiastic about copying hundreds of contacts and app data by hand, since that will all be lost.

    This happened with my wide's phone about a year ago (different model, still android/Family Mobile), though with a different number (my phone number ironically) and was fixed through something to do with clearing a cache. I've tried doing that to mine, but it may have been a different process, as mine was much simpler to do, and di not fix the problem.

    Again, the behavior is not anything in the voice mail system itself, but the attempt to connect to voicemail, whether just clicking the voicemail banner that indicates waiting messages, or by dialing the voicemail number manually (which is not my cel phone number, as Family Mobile tech support insists. Calling my phone number works, takes me to voicemail, but only to leave myself a message, which I can't connect to retrieve).

    I've let this go for a couple months because I rarely have any voicemail I really need to collect, but I kinda need to have access to it for a bit these days. Any useful help would be appreciated.

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