miguel reina

Feb 3, 2016
Hi, I'm having a hard time with my phone. I tried to install CWM recovery after unlocking boot and installing fastboot. So after all that I put the command to start transfering the cwm file and the phone got bricked. Now it doesn't even show up the LG logo. It just power up the screen which people call "purple screen" or black... It vibrates one time whenever I connect it to the PC or push the power button. I have tried all methods I have found on forums and YouTube. I tried with Linux on the terminal and also on PC with the LG FLASH TOOL. Folks help me with this please. I think the only thing that would fix it is the jtag box or the octoplus or something like that.

I need the LAS323 firmware kdz file(which i have not found). I've been trying with the MS323 kdz on the LG flash tool but it doesn't work(error).

Any expert here?