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LG L70 (Fastboot Mode)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MrXHonduras, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. MrXHonduras

    MrXHonduras Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi everybody, I need to enter in Fastboot Mode in my LG L70, please explain me step by step what need to enter it.

    I want to enter fastboot in my LG L70 for reflash the laf and cwm recovery.

    Regards from Honduras

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  2. DMedina559

    DMedina559 Android Enthusiast

    If you already have fastboot you can skip this
    You need to get fast boot first by using the Unlock Guide or manually zeroing out a partition to enter fastboot
    To do it manually use terminal and do
    $ su (grant superuser permission)
    # dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/(use laf or recovery)

    Boot into fastboot depend on what partition you zeroed out (if on laf power off the phone and plug in to usb and hold vol+, if on recovery in terminal do
    $ su
    # reboot recovery)
    Then to reflash the laf (assuming you want download mode here's my backed up laf) and cwm (I don't know you model of the l70 so here a universal cwm for the l70)
    Then with fastboot flash (laf or recovery nameoffile.img (has to be in the same folder as fastboot) and you're done.
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  3. AJfrmVegas

    AJfrmVegas Member

    What models can your scripts be used with????

    I got the Cricket L70 D321

    Im a noob, havnt done anything yet, as i cant find a full description or guide on this model. Been reading for two days. :(
  4. AJfrmVegas

    AJfrmVegas Member

    Im willing to read any guides, links, ect myself, i just need the info.
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  5. DMedina559

    DMedina559 Android Enthusiast

    I don't know much about the cricket model, but here's a thread that I think has most things the cricket model has
  6. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    Moved to All Things Root.
  7. AJfrmVegas

    AJfrmVegas Member

    I've seen you all over the L70 forums sammyz. How could i best get your assistance???
  8. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    What do you want to do?
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  9. AJfrmVegas

    AJfrmVegas Member

    Well, Ive never rooted a phone before..... only found out what it was a week and a half ago.

    And as I understand, there is currently no CWM Recovery, which means no custom roms?

    On one hand, I can see that actually ROOTING the D321 doesnt appear to be difficult at all...... however, that means nothing if I go brick it once I get inside.

    And then theres the lack of Recovery, meaning your limited in that aspect, but from what I've gathered, there are still go-around methods to doing certain things still.

    So I guess this is what I'm aiming for at the moment......

    1. Assurance that towelroot is still an up-to-date rooting method.

    2. Ensure I have backed up my files properly. Everyone says you need to do all this extra crap to back-up your data, but my L70 already has a backup program? I created a few different back-up files, and (I have no access to a PC) transferred them to a seperate android that Im not using, via a 2GB SD card. Plan on testing after I clean out my phone a bit more, but is this not acceptable?

    3. I need to know what "Driver Files", if any, that Im supposed to have.

    4. Do I need to make sure USB debugging is on, and what goes along with that? (Dev tools already open).

    5. I was on Cyan or maybe XDA earlier, and came across someone saying they came across the stock roms, that apparently JUST got handed out yesterday?

    LG D321 v10c tot file: mega (dot)co(dot)nz /#!OY9wxaIR!WEB-Zm7Q-CvZ1p5EbxM9xFHkQPpGetE8XOW53Nn65uY

    LG D321 dll file: mega (dot)co(dot)nz /#!mEVSETKL!Th03DITX0ieNKPIdmvEW00v9MZvD8lYZ-E5ryvzd6JM

    6. Once rooted, whats the best process to backup data, since flashing doesn't seem to be an option???

    7. Do you have any other useful links for me to learn from, or files (D321) that I may need or may be missing? Anything that isnt obvious that is easy to miss when rooting L70's?

    8. A friend Rooted a phone the other day, and Cricket Blacklisted his phone. I wasnt there, dont know the whole story, but do know that he also used his phone for tethering (way before rooting it, still had a device with a hotspot), and think that may have played a role, but Im not 100% and really dont want to get my service cancelled..... D321 safe or no? I read there was a hidden trigger that is unavoidable, but it seems that may only be noticable if they have the phone in hand, yes?

    Sorry for the long post and many questions. Some, Cant find the answers too, and some, i just wanted to double check. Thanks for any assistance in advanced.
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  10. AJfrmVegas

    AJfrmVegas Member

    Is it acceptable to bump at this point?

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