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lg l70 mod

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jeffta74, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. jeffta74

    jeffta74 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Lg l70 mod d320n and ms323

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/w2ep6dytp7mj25o/Lg l70 mod.zip?dl=0

    1.Adrenalin engine mod.
    ✔ Increase touchscreen sensitivity
    ✔ Less RAM usage through zipalign. | World first smart zipaligning
    ✔ Reduced /dbdata, /data, /sdcard usage of *.db files and faster database access. | World first smart sqlite optimizing
    ✔ Faster disk access through remount script (noatime, disabled barrier etc) | World first smart remounting
    ✔ Better network throughput from TCP tweaks and 3G tweaks
    ✔ Graphics Enhancement
    ✔ Overall Better Performance and Battery Life
    ✔ Less lags through LMK Tweak and Various VM Tweaks
    ✔ Faster SDCARD Read/Write Speed
    ✔ CWM Flashable

    2.ViPER4Android sound mode.

    3.New bootanimation,shutdownanimation,Power off and Power on sounds.


    1.Copy the file to the sd card in zip format.
    2.enter in CWM and go to install zip.
    3.choose zip form /external-sd.
    4.select Lg l70 Perfomance mod.
    5.reboot system now.
    6.diseblerecovery flash (NO)
    7. fix root (YES).

    Wait for the phone to boot in system.Wait a minute or two until the phone settle down.
    Open ViPER4Android apk.wait superuser ask for permission,go to the menu and choose install driver.Then restart the phone.



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    Post #22 by XeVile, Sep 26, 2014 (1 points)

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  3. ricki13th

    ricki13th Well-Known Member

    What does the adrenaline engine mod do? Also, what kind of boot/shutdown animations are there?
  4. bart2201

    bart2201 Android Enthusiast

    How extensively have you tested this mod and are you the one who built this or is it from another source?

    Any glitches that you know about and if so any workarounds? I just made a new backup with CWM and will be trying this out sometime today.

    Should i do any pre flash stuff? Wipe dalvik and or cache, data, mount anything?
  5. ricki13th

    ricki13th Well-Known Member

    The mod is actually quite stable except when you first boot up it takes little longer to get your phone to load stock ROM. The performance tweaks are decent. I would personally recommend using PurePerformanceX over on xda. Its a good perform tweak that actually slightly increase the phone's benchmarks although I never tested the benchmarks for myself. So its quite good. I would also do a backup of your ROM before hand because it's the only way to delete it if you don't want it. It also wipe the dalik and cache during installation so there is no need to do so yourself.
  6. jeffta74

    jeffta74 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    No need to do anything just install.I tested two days and no bugs.Phone run faster and smoother.When I get time I will go with making rom for d320n.
  7. bart2201

    bart2201 Android Enthusiast

    Alright I'm gonna give it a test run, will post results in a coupla days unless serious problems arise.
  8. Bichofelix

    Bichofelix Android Enthusiast

    I already have all of this, but separately, I've had zero problems for like a month now.

    Thanks a bunch for packaging it.
  9. bart2201

    bart2201 Android Enthusiast

    OK, I installed following directions. However after waiting and then choosing driver and rebooting I no longer have any apps from my external sd card. I've rebooted a couple of times and cannot access my apps. Whats up with this?

    Have you had this problem at all and if so what is the way to rectify this situation? Ok rebooted once more after going to links2sd and resetting my second partition, suddenly after the reboot everything is back up and running. thank goodness for that.

    My results from the Quadrant Pro benchmarks: Before the mod -5390
    After install mod: 5406
    So there was a very slight increase there. Haven't checked out too many other differences as yet.
  10. jeffta74

    jeffta74 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Maybe it was a problem with link2sd.I not use Link2SD.you use fat32 or ext4 partition?
  11. biggiephil

    biggiephil Android Enthusiast

    Just gonna remove viper4android, i already have it :D and the bootup/down anim, other than that i'll use the mod :D
  12. XeVile

    XeVile Well-Known Member

    Going to try it out on D325 wish me luck

    It works!!!:cool:
    Seems to me everything D320 works on D325. It should since D325 is just the dual sim variant of d320 just with capacitive buttons :)
  13. biggiephil

    biggiephil Android Enthusiast

    I seem to notice a huge increase in battery life so far, been off charger with mod for over an hour and im still on 100% been using my phone and wifis connected etcetera
  14. JerrysKids

    JerrysKids Well-Known Member

    Which do i install...vfp with, vfp without, or neon?
  15. jeffta74

    jeffta74 Newbie
    Thread Starter

  16. JerrysKids

    JerrysKids Well-Known Member

  17. NycityANDROID

    NycityANDROID Well-Known Member

    Does ad away work with this mod?..
  18. ricki13th

    ricki13th Well-Known Member

    I notice the battery does not drain as much when you flash stock kernel and set it to gov: on demand, cfq. Not bad!
  19. bart2201

    bart2201 Android Enthusiast

    Yes it was a problem with links2sd. I actually had this same problem once before and remembered that I had to reset my partition in links. I use ext3 and yes this does work wonders with the battery life.

    I have had a couple of f/c's but they do not persist and haven't had any that repeat shutting down any apps. All in all its pretty smooth, I will reload the viper and set it to neon.
    Well I just ran another benchmark and this is the highest one I've gotten since I first got this phone. 5444
  20. XeVile

    XeVile Well-Known Member

    Has somebody figured out which govs should be used and with which app? Performance Tool or some other?
  21. jeffta74

    jeffta74 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This is my score on AnTuTu benchmark after installing lg l70 mod.increased my score over 1,000 points.

    These are pictures from the Internet for dual version


    my Images

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  22. mxdup

    mxdup Lurker

    is there a performance tool we can use with this
  23. XeVile

    XeVile Well-Known Member

    SetCPU is quite good as I heard but since it's a paid app I can't get it.
  24. crutchcorn

    crutchcorn Android Expert

    I already have V4A as well but how do you not flash it with the rest of the mod?
  25. crutchcorn

    crutchcorn Android Expert

    Does this increase battery life at all?
  26. XeVile

    XeVile Well-Known Member

    It's not v4a it's vxhifi it's an optional install for v4a has some more options
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