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LG Leon bootlooped

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Quincey_, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Quincey_

    Quincey_ Lurker
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    My LG Leon from MetroPCS is bootlooped after i fixed it. The Other day i ordered a digitizer and it came in the mail today (7/25/2018) after hooking up the digitizer to the motherboard i powered it on and it said and before i plugged it in The Screen flashed the startup Lg Logo, I have tried to reflash it (cannot find the firmware) I tried download mode but im holding the button forever as the download mode screen says loading, and i did the power button + Vol. down button. Is there any other way to fix the bootloop?

  2. dickthedev

    dickthedev Newbie

    I had a similar issues with a friend's T- mobile LG Leon the other day. All I did was to reload the firmware then it came back to life. Not sure about MetroPCS, but I think it may not be so much difference. Try google MetroPCS's site, it might have the approperate firmware you can download and may be some other tool(s) to assist you to install.

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