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LG Lucid 2 -VS870 - on GSM?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by meskalin, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. meskalin

    meskalin Newbie
    Thread Starter

    On gsmarena says that Lucid 2 is global phone and can be used on gsm network. Has anyone used it on gsm? To be more specific my concern is: -Is Lucid 2 intenationally unlocked?

  2. elnaog

    elnaog Newbie

    yes is gsm phone but is blocked and when you try a diffent sim card no signal no nothing
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  3. meskalin

    meskalin Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Do you know if it's blocked only in US or everywhere because I want to use it in Europe.
  4. elnaog

    elnaog Newbie

    bro im in dominican republic, is more a software issue cause no way that you can enter a code or change the network or toogle between gsm and cdma if u try an app to change setting pop up a window that said (this app doesnt work on this device) or something like that we need a gsm rom for this phone
  5. meskalin

    meskalin Newbie
    Thread Starter

    hmm...too bad looks like a nice phone for the money
    did you try to dial *#*#4636#*#* on HTC and Motorola opens up a menu and if you choose phone information you can change the mode GSM, CDMA, LTE,... anyway thanks a lot
  6. elnaog

    elnaog Newbie

    already try that the only one that works is ##7764726870 this but nothing there hope that we can find a gsm rom for this phone
  7. felixjohan

    felixjohan Member

    Dominican Republic? Qloq Papa dime a ver cx soy de aqui tambien
  8. elnaog

    elnaog Newbie

    tranki bro aki punchando celulares jejejeje:D
  9. felixjohan

    felixjohan Member

    El tel
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  10. GnatGoSplat

    GnatGoSplat Member

    I think GSMArena is wrong. I don't think this is a world phone.
    Phonearena and Phonescoop both say this is a CDMA-only phone.
  11. felixjohan

    felixjohan Member

    The lucid 2 is global.
    To use gsm you need to edit the build.prop
  12. GnatGoSplat

    GnatGoSplat Member

    What do you need to change in build.prop?
  13. elnaog

    elnaog Newbie

    bro tell me how pllis (yo trate pero ningun cambio comparte)
  14. dduck

    dduck Lurker

    Changing "ro.build.target_operator=VZW" in build.prop unlocks network toggle. Change VZW to anything. Then use any phone info app to toggle. I tried but cannot toggle to GSM. Instantly goes back to CDMA

    Edit: i have lg spectrum 2 vs930 which has exact same hardware as lucid 2. VS930 has GSM.
    If someone can guide me how to backup and flash baseband from VS930 to VS870 maybe we can make GSM work.

    Edit: Changing "ro.build.target_operator=VZW" also unlocks *228
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  15. calitox

    calitox Lurker

    pudiste poner a trabajar el LG Lucid 2 para GSM??? soy de aqui tambien
  16. elnaog

    elnaog Newbie

    no mijo todav
  17. gurid12

    gurid12 Lurker

    so, if i unlock this phone, it can works in europe on gsm networks?
  18. GnatGoSplat

    GnatGoSplat Member

    Doubtful. I think this is a CDMA-only phone. There are people claiming it has GSM capability, but so far no one has offered any proof of that.
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  19. felixjohan

    felixjohan Member

  20. elnaog

    elnaog Newbie

    te agregue a whatsapp aunke vendi el celular ya pero fue a un pana
    me gustaria saber como lo hiciste
  21. chris19822

    chris19822 Lurker

    I found the basebands on the spectrum 2 so can I flash them or no
  22. chris19822

    chris19822 Lurker

    I found a link to basebands
  23. eze1888

    eze1888 Lurker

    Alguien pudo hacerlo trabajar para gsm? soy de M
  24. goooo1

    goooo1 Lurker

    you hawe anu progress?
  25. georgeus

    georgeus Lurker


    First, all thanks to @GameTheory, your job help very much to test this phone.

    Mi opinion is, this phone is hard locked, I can try to Sim Unlock this with other LG model ROM enter the code 2945#*870# an this send the message "this phone is permanently locked and cannot be unlocked" in all options.

    1. Test, Zip recovery ROMs tested and Ported:

    Root the phone and install Recovery (Loki patch).

    Xperion_l1v_11-2-2014.zip is base ROM

    Extract all system files to:

    - VS870 (Edit build.prop and test kernel "Unsecured_kernel_l1v_9-25-14.zip")
    - LG875
    - V930
    - P870
    - Sphinx_Escape_V1 (Works 2945#*870# code, only acept LTE/CDMA and CDMA to select in settings)

    Then inject system folder in base ROM (Xperion), and install from recovery.

    2. Test, KDZ files tested to test own kernels:

    - LG p780 works, touch fail
    - LS930 No works, freeze the updater
    - MS770 No works, Display problems

    To return to original rom, Run the updater with the VS870 kdz file.

    Final observations:

    I do not know how to inject apks and files in the framework folder without generating an error or boot loops.

    I try to mix the system folder of various roms, but I had problems with locks and system apps crash.

    Greetings from Colombia and excuse my translation.

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