Root LG Motion security error morningcall cannot be verified. PLEASE HELP

hey guys, first off, just let me say thanks you in advance, i have a major problem and i really need help. what happened was that i downloaded this app that they took of the google play store(wifikill) and i was messing around with it and it was working fine, then suddenly my phone shut off and when i rebooted i got the "security error morningcall cannot be verified" error. now ive been searching for all day and ive of course looked through countless other forums, but the problem is, every place i look eventually directs me to this ---> "" and one or more of the things i need to download has been removed and the file no longer works. so i don't know what to do and i could really use the help.
-thank you, any and all help is appreciated.


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the firmware isnt the one i was missing. i downloaded that successfully via utorrent. my problem was with the other links. to be more specific,the link for the "Programs to convert and flash firmware"


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Did you ever install shabbys recovery? If so as long as you have another ROM on your external SD you can boot into cwm and flash the ROM again
I do this when I get security errors