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LG Mytouch or HTC Mytouch 4G?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by keatonisballin, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. keatonisballin

    Thread Starter

    I can get the LG MT from TMO for $30 after rebate. Or i can get the HTC MT from Cartoys for free after rebate. Both with upgrade. Which should i get?

    I have read the LG is a more user-friendly entry level android and that concerns me since i want something that can compete or at least stand a chance with the big dogs. And be worth the 2 year extension. I had been eyeing the HTC for a long time but never had the money for upgrade til now. Thoughts?

    Btw im coming from a Moto Cliq on 2.0 so either one will be a nice upgrade for me. And on a side note Cartoys has the Galaxy S 4G for $50 after rebate as well if anyone thinks that would be better than either Mytouch.

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  2. UnsavvyUser

    UnsavvyUser Newbie

    I'd like to know the answer to this Q. So many views not any responses :/ It's really confusing how the LG My Touch has the same name as the HTC My Touch 4G, and both are referred to as TMobile My Touch rather than being differentiated by the LG or HTC brand. Since the LG is also 4G, but not part of the name, it makes their names virtually the same. Anyway, I have the LG and I can't help but wonder if I should have gotten the HTC. I am not sure if it's the Tmo service or the phone that is giving me only 2G inside the house and not always enough bars to make calls. I live in a big urban city, it makes no sense. With my BB from ATT I would wake up, turn on my phone, and get my email on my phone within a minute or two. On this phone, it took literally 2 hours to get my email due to the 2G at home I assume. It fluctuates to 4G, never 3, but that doens't seem to make a difference. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. trd360

    trd360 Member

    I'd get the 4G just cause there seems to be a larger community and more support for it than the LG Mytouch. Also, I like HTC manufacturer support more than LG.

    Even the inside workings of the phones are the same.

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    CPU 1 GHz Scorpion
    GPU Adreno 205
  4. ruggrock

    ruggrock Newbie

    Just a quick note to anyone reading this thread...I've had the MT LG since December and I use it a lot. I would certainly recommend it for a novice as well as fairly advanced users. I'm not one to root my phone...but it has handled a lot of demands I've put on it so far.
  5. I just picked up the myTouch Q yesterday and have not put it down since. I am filling it with apps (including the Phandroid forum app) and testing the battery to see how good it will be.

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