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LG myTouchQ Violet Review From A New Android User

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by EricasMyTouch3G, Apr 18, 2012.

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    I purchased the LG myTouch Q last weekend after having performance fits from my BlackBerry Bold 9780 (which gave me 11 months of flawless performance). I am enjoying the change of OS in the near week I have had the phone.


    Keyboard: This phone has one of the best slider keyboards I have ever used. I have used Sidekicks and the HTC Touch Pro 2 so I am used to this form factor before. The keys are glossy and either round or slightly elongated, but that helps me type faster without looking at the keyboard. The keys are flat but that doesn't cause problems either. Also, although you would have to hold it under a light to see it, the keyboard is violet.

    Capacitive Touch Buttons: The only problem I have here is that the Genius button is way too sensitive. It opens up if I even pick up the phone. I wish this was a hardware key instead.

    Screen: The colors on the screen are bright inside and outside. I have had no problems using the screen anywhere I go.

    Speaker Grill: It's loud but the only problem I have with it is it's physical location. It's on the back at the bottom of the phone so it gets muffled when I put the phone down.

    Camera: I haven't used the camera yet so I don't know the quality of the pics it takes yet.

    Battery Life: This is getting better by the day. I have to charge one time a day (I had to charge it twice a day the first day I had it). I got 4.5 hours out of the battery yesterday after leaving the screen on at 100%, texting, 2 calls, 2 games and 1 email.


    OS: This phone runs Gingerbread 2.3.4. It runs smoothly. I am patiently waiting for my first OS upgrade which should come later this spring/early summer.

    Apps: I have found MANY free apps in the Google Play store (formerly Android Market). I have about 3 apps I paid for but the rest are free and work great. I haven't dove into the Amazon App Store yet.

    Notification Drop-Down Menu: This works just as well as the LED blinking light I got used to on BlackBerry. I just have to remember to clear it out after I receive notifications.

    Email and Web: These were the 2 reasons I switched from BlackBerry to Android. Both refused to work and deliver, no matter how I changed my passwords to my accounts and adjusted the settings. I rely on mobile access to my personal email account so this was a MAJOR plus having access to it again while on the go.

    Phone Performance: I have been running speed tests on it and have seen download speeds from 1-6 Mbps and uploads from 1-2 Mbps. I also ran Quadrant Standard and it came in at 1204 on the benchmark test for performance. The more I use the phone and the fewer apps I keep on it, I have seen less lag.

    Network Connection: This thing holds a 4G connection even if there are 0-1 bars showing in the notification bar. Most of the time it shows between 1 and 4 bars, next to the 4G icon.

    Conclusion: So far, my introduction to the Android OS has been a fun experience. I can tell I waited long enough for the kinks to be worked out. I hope to see more phones like this coming out soon because I am sure there are more people like me who enjoy the physical keyboard for text entry and can get a phone they are able to afford.

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  2. When I first got the phone I thought it a bit sluggish, but figured it might be from two security programs. It came with Lookout preinstalled, but I have a 3 desktop and 3 iOS/Android device license for Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete.

    I taught myself rudiments of rooting one day; the next day I rooted it and removed Lookout. I unrooted it. I will study and research so I can remove some others safely. The phone is perkier because there aren't two security programs scanning. They didn't conflict, just slowed the phone.

    If you have any knowledge of which app may be removed safely I'd appreciate.

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