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LG optimus F3 vs galaxy victory

Discussion in 'Virgin Mobile' started by 7808, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. 7808

    7808 Member
    Thread Starter

    i just purchased a victory for $199 from amazon, so far besides the battery life and camera that actually takes clear pics, i miss my evo 4g 3d. also the victory almost never seems to connect to 4g towers even less then my evo.

    i dont like the samsux texting theme and clowny-ness. feels like i traded my grown up phone for a little girls phone.

    specs for the new LG f3 look decent. how does it compare to the victory? its new so not much info or reviews online yet. and its $20 cheaper :)

    on a side note, me and two friends were all sitting down running speed tests with our phones on the table next to each other. my friends old tmobile mytouch consistantly beat my victory and my friends VM evo 4g in speed. LTE was not impressing anyone.. we all had 4g signal

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  2. 7808

    7808 Member
    Thread Starter

    well i guess not many people have this phone yet judging by the forum section for it. i ordered one today so i guess i will compare it myself. finding alot of conflicting info on this phone as far as specs like processor used etc.. o well.

    the facts that seem consistant are, the LG has a crappier front facing cam, who cares. the LG has a higher capacity battery, i care. LG has IPS lcd, forgot what that means just know its better. maybe not care. $20 cheaper.

    lg phones in past expirence seem to hold up better then samsung. hoping the LG comes a little more adult looking and sounding as far as themes and tones preloaded.
  3. mogelijk

    mogelijk Android Expert

    The two phones look to be very similar. One thing, if it is true, that would make me want the F3 is that it appears to have a compass and the Galaxy Victory doesn't; which aids Navigation to know which way the phone is pointed.

    As for "more adult looking", unfortunately the "young and hip" themes and tones are a "feature" of Virgin Mobile, so don't expect them to change.
  4. 7808

    7808 Member
    Thread Starter

    my virgin mobile htc evo 4g 3d was very much adult looking and sounding compared to the samsung l think it just depends on the brand i hope they still offer phones geared towards budget minded adults or im going to have to look into rooting and roms
  5. pfoneguy

    pfoneguy Member

    You can't compare 4G between the EVO V 3D and the Victory because they run on different signals, the EVO being WiMax and the Victory being LTE. Maybe you have a strong WiMax signal, but where the LTE signal is not due to the facade of Sprint's Network Vision and/or it not being fully implemented? If so, that would be Sprints crappy service and not necessarily the phones problem.
    We have two Victories and they work quite well for the mid range phone they were designed to be, clear display, speedy operation, well built and sturdy, but we are not tech chasers either. Of course I don't buy a phone to enlarge my penis, so I don't look at as a man's or girls phone either way.
    I will say that I like the HTC interface much better than the Samsung and you are probably experiencing that transition from the EVO V 3D. I have no experience with the workings of the F3, but I was not that impressed with my LG Viper. So hopefully, LG improved on that and by its specifications, it appears they have, at least on paper.
    The Victory is a year + old and as any phone out there, it can't necessarily compete with brand new hardware. The F3 appears to be a nice phone and has what would be considered faster CPU and GPU. It does appear to have better battery life and looks to be a very good phone for the price.
    I won't run out and replace my Victory with it just because, but I would not hesitate to replace the Victory with it if it failed out of warranty and I needed a new phone, etc.
  6. 7808

    7808 Member
    Thread Starter

    exactly - why when me and my friends (one using sprint/vm wimax 4g evo) and one on tmobiles 4g were all sitting there with decent 4g signals, but my new LTE device was testing slower (or similar to the evo) then there phones

    that would mean my phone must be connected to LTE network, but its not very fast.

    i just dont feel like the victory is worth $200 when i paid the same for my evo a year or so ago, the evo seemed like more of a $200 phone. this seems like a $100-150 device. the newer but similar LG seems more honest at the $179 price. the LG is waiting for me at home today so i will know soon if i made a decent trade off. also i purchased my victory from amazon and i only loose $6 shipping it back for refund.
  7. mathurlalit

    mathurlalit Lurker

    I'm also looking to get a new phone and trying to decide between the Victory and the LG F3. I'd be very interested in your impressions once you've had a chance to try out the LG!
  8. 7808

    7808 Member
    Thread Starter

    update: after using the F3 for sevral days

    the battery life actually seemed better on the victory, almost 2 days without a charge. f3 is still good but not as good. still better then my evo but was expecting a little more. i think the victory may do more underclocking to save power? could explain why the victory felt slower then the f3.

    the camera on the f3 is pretty un-impressive. the victory took better pics forsure.

    both phones had things that bothered me, pretty even trade off over all. all minor complaints. probably keep the LG for a while figuring if nothing else it will probably be more reliable based on my expirence with previous samsung and lg phones.


    so far, i like the F3, ive only had it for a day though.

    even though its only small differences, the LG feels kind of alot smaller lighter and thinner then the victory, it doesnt all the suden feel too bulky when you slip it in a silicone case, which is nice when you carry around in your pocket all day. my evo felt like i was carrying a steel block.

    i like the UI of the LG a little more then the victory

    LG FEELS slightly faster/more responsive so far

    LG has a higher capacity battery, so i would expect longer life

    the LGs camera takes pictures much faster, but seems slightly less quality

    LG doesnt have a camera button, not sure how much this will annoy me or not. also the middle button is not a soft key on the LG, but i think you can also choose its function (default is home)

    so far i like the LG better, it seems almost worth the $179 price. the victory just didnt feel like a $200 phone to me.

    im hoping the LG F3 is as tough and reliable as the optimus V, that was my 1st virgin phone and its now called the whore phone because its been passed around to so many friends and family, even used as backup while people had to send in there newer broken galaxys ha

    side note: i have not been able to take a screen shot with any button combination with the victory OR the F3, and its really anoying. i dont know if this is a jellybean thing or what, my evo did it easily with power + home

    at the moment this phone is $166 on amazon dang i just paid 179
  9. markzombie82

    markzombie82 Android Enthusiast

    On jelly bean its power + volume down to take a screen shot but I got a nexus 4
  10. alexacuna

    alexacuna Member

    Victory should be power and home button for screen shot, i believe.
  11. 7808

    7808 Member
    Thread Starter

    neither of those combinations worked on the F3 or victory..
  12. aml1025

    aml1025 Android Enthusiast

    This works on the Victory, but it's a little tricky. Sometimes you need to try multiple times to make it work.
  13. 7808

    7808 Member
    Thread Starter

    ya..dumb. never got it to work once. my friend sat there with my victory for 5 minutes and got it to take one. not very useful. my evo 3d would do it every time, sometimes not even trying lol.

    then i downloaded a screen shot app and it needed all kinds of configuring and also gave me info pop ups saying my phone has jellybean and the feature is already built in my phone.. i actually used to use screen shot alot too.
  14. 7808

    7808 Member
    Thread Starter

    whoops.. ya that did work ha i was used to the evo where it happened almost instant. did not know it had to be held down for a couple seconds now

    on my LG it was power and vol down, on my GFs samsung it was power and home, both worked fine as long as you hold it for a few seconds lol
  15. bbradf44

    bbradf44 Newbie

    Have you rooted or tried Roms on your f3? I'm thinking about getting it to replace my s2. I can either get that or the victory and I'm leaning towards lg
  16. mattbodin

    mattbodin Well-Known Member

  17. dishe

    dishe Well-Known Member

    Looking at both of these used off contract right now (I'm on Sprint). The Victory goes for hella cheap, around $50 in decent condition (probably because it has been around longer). The LG seems hard to come by, but averages more like $75-90. Weird thing for me is that this is the same price as something like an LTE EVO, which was a flagship phone at the time (better specs).

    I keep coming back to the Victory/F3 idea because I'm not a fan of the monster screen sizes, but again price is a factor as well.

    In this thread, it seems to conclude that the f3 is a better buy because while there are pros and cons compared to the Victory, its also cheaper. But what if the Victory is cheaper now? Would you still recommend it over the F3?
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