Help LG Optimus L9 Dropping Calls Problem/Freezing - Will Jellybean help?


How's it going!

This is my dad's phone, not mine (my phone is less smart), but he is having trouble with:

1) Calls Dropping
2) Phone Freezing

I am not sure if the phone automatically updated to Jellybean, or would he have to initiate that, and would that help?

If I need to D/L Jellybean, do I just go to it through his phone and download it to it? Would that help possibly with the calls dropping? I don't think it's T-Mobile's service area (which used to be a lot worst than it is still can be not the greatest) because I don't have the same trouble in the same area.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

PS Hope I posted this in the right spot under LG Optimus L9


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Hi Mary, Thanks for the response, I checked that, and the phone right now is at: Android version 4.0.4 and no new updates came up when trying to check for it.


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Well you have to wait until it rolls out on your phone I guess, I haven't gotten it yet either but the last update I had to do a bunch of steps to get it to show. Mary