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LG Optimus P970 Wifi Connection problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Amanda100100, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Amanda100100

    Amanda100100 Lurker
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    Hi there, Wondering if anyone can help me.

    Have been all over the net trying to find out if anyone has had the same issue as me and managed to fix it but no such luck....

    I seem to be having connection issues to my works router. My phone (LGP970) when the wifi is switched on can see the router itself, I have the router network key which I have entered correctly so many times so I know there is no issue with that, it remembers the router and attempts to connect but then says disabled, then completley disconnects the wifi.

    Even more strangley, sometimes the wifi will connect with the router but the problem I seem to have there is I cannot access the internet at all via the router, it just says web page not found. I can access via 3G and I also had an iPhone 3gs which connected to this router no problem and as far as I am aware, my collegues android based phones connect as well.

    I know it isn't a problem with my wifi as I can access my router at home no prblem automatically when in range. They both have the same security setting - WPA/WPA2 PSK - If it helps.

    The router at my work says it is assigned by DHCP. When I check the network connection in my work, everything seems fine, I have even tried having the router switched off then on, I really cannot play about with the settings any further than this however seen as it is a works router, so really hoping it is something that can be solved via my phone!

    As you may realise I am not the most advanced when it comes to these things but I have been trying to figure this out for ages and had no such luck.

    If anyone has had the same issues and managed to fix it then I am open to suggestions as I am stumped, Thanks in advance.....

  2. Habibiux

    Habibiux Lurker

    Hola tengo un problema con mi lg p970 cuando voy a conectarme al internet se reinicia el celular, aunque sea red gratuita y solo se tenga que poner conectar aun asi se reinicia el movil. Que puedo hacer para solucionar el error. Gracias.

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