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Lg optimus p970 wont boot

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Jan 25, 2014.

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    my Lg ob wont boot anymore.. When i turn on the phone, the screen freezes on the LG logo and all 4 lights (options,home,return and search) are flickering. This happend a few days ago when i forgot to charge it. When i trie to charge it now (in wall or pc) the effect is always the same LG logo with flickering lights. Butt i dont get the usual battery on screen which turns red, orange, green.

    I searched the internet and alreadry tried:

    Hard reset: Volume key, home button and power button.
    Battery and sd card out 10 second, placed it back and let the phone charge for 30 minutes, even tried a couple of hours and one night butt didnt worked at all.

    This video LG OB P970 error - YouTube is a great example of the problem, only mine freezes at the logo LG. I contacted the person of the video, butt he still has the same problems.

    Any ideas how to solve the problem?
    Much thanx!


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