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LG Optimus Q with Straight Talk

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jaakethesnaake, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. jaakethesnaake

    Thread Starter

    Great android phone for $179 with unlimited straight talk plan for only $45 per month and no contract....... I cannot believe more people are not getting in on this great deal. :thinking:

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  2. imannjr007

    imannjr007 Lurker

    Hello, from your name looks like you are a wrestling fan from the era i watched. Jake the Snake was was of my favorites.

    where do you go to get info when your phone stumps you? this is one of the short comings of my phone. it is my first venture from the flip phone, and i usually get it figured out..most of the time. mine is a LGL55C, which i guess they all are. I added a app called Easy Battery Saver, which seems to save the quick dying battery.
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  3. my battery drains after about 4 hours and I barely use phone...any suggestions
  4. Shifted

    Shifted Lurker

    Root and then run advanced task killer. Each time the phone boots up it has the following process running:

    Voice Dialer
    Amazon Appstore*
    Google Search

    *I installed these apps myself and even these run on startup

    Available Memory
    Before - 279M
    After - 308M

    This will do wonders for your battery life.

    Also run this periodically throughout the day because anything you open will not go away unless you kill the task.
  5. Davyd0322

    Davyd0322 Lurker

    Ok here my question and im sorry if im posting this in the wrong place couldn't find much info out there on the straight talk optimus Q. But is there any way to make the phone roam or work off Verizon towers, my prevous straight talk phone did but this one doesn't and its reception is horrible. I have tried using apps like roam override and roam control neither work, and im not really sure how to update the PRL's any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. hotcyclonis

    hotcyclonis Lurker

    how do you root the straight talk lg optimus q. i tried superoneclick but it freezes. anyone know of a good rooting program that will work for it?:thinking:

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