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Lg Optimus S not coming on anymore

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Carmckenzie, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Carmckenzie

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    (Sorry this is kind of long and some of it seems pointless but it's not) It's an Lg Optimus S LS670 from Virgin Mobile and not rooted. It's my mom's phone and this started happening yesterday after she tried to help me fix my phone. My Galaxy S2 charging port is broken so I followed this video on YouTube on how to get it to charge, but since I'm new here and can't post links or images the title is:

    Charge your cell without a charger, Hill billy cell charger

    If you don't want to see the video, basically she told me to get an old usb cord, cut off the end that doesn't plug into the computer, strip the red and black wires, take phone battery out, attach the two wires to those small gold things on the inside (2nd is negative and 4th is positive) black goes to negative, red goes to positive, put the battery back in and it holds the wires in place and plug the usb into the computer.
    This didn't work for me the first couple of times so my mom tried it on her phone and nothing happened either. I re-adjusted the wires and it finally started to work and my phone got charged and it's been okay since.

    Well my mom turned her phone on for the first time after that a few hours later, the LG logo came up as usual then it just went off so she tried again, it did the same thing. she plugged it in and all it does is show the LG logo then go black and repeat it over and over until you take the charger out.

    So nothing different happened all night. I've looked everywhere for an answer and find people with the same problem but no way to fix it. I tried recovery mode/factory reset (home key+voldown+power button) and it still doesn't work. The LG logo came up then a blue screen for a quick second and it went off again.

    I really can't figure out why this happened to her phone that was only hooked to the wires for no more than 10 seconds and my phone that was in for 20 minutes got charged and is still fine. I'm also wondering if any of you know any other possible ways to fix this or know if her phone is completely ruined or just needs a new battery?


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  2. lorenzo3988

    lorenzo3988 Newbie

    Hmmm,very interesting.Personally I couldn't tell you a thing.But the way to charge the fone is ingenious.

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