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lg optimus S not connecting to windows 32 bit

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by william8081, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. william8081

    william8081 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    ok so ive been searching for awhile on how to get my lg optimus to connect to my windows vista 32 bit laptop. i know my phone can connect because i got it to do it before but i completely forgot what i did to make it work. i have the android version 2.2.2 if that helps. ive downloaded alot of lg drivers and none have worked. ive had usb debugging off and on nothing worked. my sister has the samsung epic 4g and her phone connects perfectly. when i connect my phone it only charges no notification to activate mass storage or anything. i have notice most the drivers are for 64 bit but i have 32 bit so if anyone knows where to get one for 32 bit please let me know...thanks in advance

  2. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert

    If it was working properly before and it's not working now, it's possible that your USB cable is failing. I bought some cheap USB cables on Ebay. One of the cables failed and enabled charging but wouldn't enable a data connection.

    Does it work (with that cable) on other PCs?
  3. jcwxguy

    jcwxguy Lurker

  4. Thanks, jcwxguy. After the 2.3 update phone wouldn't connect, but re-installing the drivers did the trick.
  5. rukin1

    rukin1 Newbie

    Thanks I had to install the driver.
  6. tracsportva

    tracsportva Member

    My Sprint Optimus S will not recognize still. It keeps saying USB device not recognized. I just updated to 2.3
    I am at work now, maybe its something that is fighting the computer system, and all the walls it has on here, but I was charging my phone via USB port in the past.

    Just discouraging, I cannot afford expensive wall and car chargers...any help?
  7. crazydriver1

    crazydriver1 Lurker

    I'm having the same issue! Got the update this morning and now I can't charge my phone via USB either
  8. tracsportva

    tracsportva Member

    This sucks because I only have one charger via OEM etc....even my car charger is not working....any ideas?
  9. GGranello

    GGranello Lurker

    Same Issue here. LS670S with CleanROM (Froyo), since a week or so ago all I get is charging from my Laptop that is working fine with an iPod, HTC HD2 and other USB devices. The same cable works for the HTC HD2 henceI think I can eliminate that as the culprit. There has nothing being installed or de-installed on the Laptop (other than my secondary Display) so I'm fresh out of ideas. The Phone has gotten the usual App updates, nothing else installed or removed.

    Frankly, I was happy with my setup as it is just when it went south.....

    As workaround I use "Phone Explorer" and my dot11g wireless to connect and transfer files. I hope it is not a bad micro USB connector or otherwise fried Hardware?!?!?!

    Any input and suggestions that can easily solve the issue are certainly aprechiated.

  10. tracsportva

    tracsportva Member

    Update- the new drivers worked, but I had to wipe my phone it was getting stuck at the opening screen, not working being very buggy....
    So, the drivers worked again for about a week and now...nothing :(

    Any suggestions?
  11. I'm not being a smart elic when I say, GET A NEW PHONE!!! I've had NOTHING but problems with this phone. Started ok with the OPT S when it FIRST came out, then they updated to LS670 ZVC 2.2 Froyo, then 2.3.3 Gingerbread LS670ZVD, still ok. Then ZV9 and ZVH came out and caused havoc on the OPT S community. Home buttons not working, data problems, so many issues. I only survived with this phone rooting and flashing the newest nightly of CM7 that came out in April this year. Recently upgraded to Evo with it's version of CM7 and it's a dream, the Optimus S is the root of all evil. Rooted or not, it is by far the buggiest phone I've ever seen or heard of. They have Sprint phones until you can upgrade, buy out your contract, buy a phone on E-bay whatever. But honestly, waive the white flag, shoot your Optimus and live to fight another day.

    In the mean time to survive, revert LS670ZVD: (Sprint made available)
    Sprint - Software Downloads - Smartphones - LG Optimus S

    After the revert lot's are experiencing a failure with file: android.acorn.process

    Do a factory data reset to fix: Settings/Privacy/Data Factory Reset
    This will still leave you with LS670ZVD that can be rooted EASILY with gingersnap, and this ZVD will definitely have you working with LG driver.

    Gingersnap Utility:
    Optimus S Drivers: http://gtmurl.com/pNnxId
    Gingersnap Program: http://gtmurl.com/nuOwUW

    Refer link below or PM me for more help.
    I've fixed COUNTLESS LG Optimus phones, GOOD LUCK ALL!!!
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  12. tracsportva

    tracsportva Member

    Thank you for the update on this. I am tempted this weekend coming up to do this. I have had to hard-reset my phone 2x now in the last week. If I root the phone, can I get the tether option back ? I have been leary of rooting the phone because of not wanting to mess it up etc.
    This is getting silly on alot of levels, be it connecting to my computer, charging, or just randomly shutting off.
    I would love to get a new phone, not up for an upgrade until Nov of 2012.
    This phone is causing my head to go numb.
  13. tracsportva

    tracsportva Member

    ugh, works for a few days..then nothing.
    should i just root and get it over with?
  14. Mynoven

    Mynoven Lurker

    For reply to very first thread.
    Ok. I'm new and don't know if this helps at all. Mine worked great on the computer when I fist hooked it up. Then for the long time mine wouldn't work for my computer. One day I was trying for 3 hours to get it to work uninstalling drivers, reinstalling, rolling back all that fun stuff. I was about ready to reinstall windows on my computer:mad:. I noticed I had debugging mode on (done even know what this is:thinking:). I turned it off the WHAM!:eek: everything installed loaded up and worked great, So I don't know if that was mentioned or anything. Just thought I had to share this story:eek:
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