Help LG Optimus Slider and Comcast Email issue



I just got an LG optimus slider Slider and cant seem to get my email to sync.

This is the 1st smart phone I have had, so maybe some of my settings are not correct and am hoping someone can help.

I do have the Juice Defender app installed. I have it set to aggressive so that it saves my battery and it has saved my battery,

A little about the email issue I am having.

I am using the installed email app provided on the phone when you get it. I set up comcast as my main email provider. It does show my inbox, and even shows when I have new emails.

The main problem I have is when I view the email on my phone and delete it, it still shows in my comcast inbox as unread, unless I read it from my comcast inbox. If I read it in from my computer it still shows unread on my phone. If I delete it in my comcast inbox it still shows on my phone. It seems like my phone and computer are not communicating 100%.

This cannot be correct, can it?

Is there a setting I need to change?

I have my phone set to check my email every 15 minutes.

Thank You for your help, I appreciate it.

As of 12/22/11 I no longer need any help with my issue. I resolved it myself.