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lg optimus wont respon or turn on

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by flatoutedbot, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. flatoutedbot

    flatoutedbot Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just got my phone a week ago and has been working great until today. I was listening to youtube then the screen cut out and it wouldnt let me back on. I charged it in my comp and wall but when i turn it on, the screen is dark but all 4 buttons flash. Also, sometimes it will flash lg sign but then go dark again.

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  2. roadster

    roadster Well-Known Member

    If the four buttons are dim, and flickering, you will need to allow the phone to charge, this is a sign that you exasted the battery to the fullest. Youll see not asingle thing but te four buttons.

    1 take back cover off, Pull battery, and pull Sd micro card out, count 10 secs

    2. replace all back in, and AC wall charge, allow a good 7%, 30 minutes.

    3 turn on phone , long press top right Button 3 sec hold or so.

    The Phone will not run at all with no battery, and that I have had the same problem, it is not a issue.

    If you still cannot get On then you'll have an Option to go into Sprint, have them place another battery in, if turns on

    Battery is defective.

    If not a thing. possable part gave out.

    they'll replace your phone for freee if under 14 days-30 days brand new.

    We'll give you FREE advice for lifetime here. hope we helped out.
  3. swyman

    swyman Lurker

    Good Job Roadster! - Same problem - problem solved - saved me from having to drive back to BB (50mi).

    I had mine on charger overnight - thought it was charging - next morning dvice was DOA - no lights - would not turn on - nothing - thought it was bricked

    Then I searched on line for possible solutions - found Roadsters - now I am back in business!

  4. roadster

    roadster Well-Known Member

    As We learn the Hard way.

    not a pro but what ifound that worked for me.
  5. saralgom

    saralgom Lurker

    Can someone tell me why my contacts won't show?
    Here is the story; i got the LG optimus m and there was a problem with it so they gave me a new one, they tried to sync the info from the old phoe to my new one but they said they couldn't but some things did (although nothing but the things on my sd card). Any ways i was looking at my contacts and it says i have none although i did add contacts, i tryed syncing and everything people do who had the same problems but nothing is working the contacts show on my call log, and texts the names still show and when i click the name it takes me to veiw info (like it would show if you clicked in the contact list) but it's not actually showing in contacts it just says i have none and it's really botherig me. so can someone please help me?
  6. roadster

    roadster Well-Known Member

    In Market you may try to view, first thing it asks you, is to sign in or creat a a ccount. do so. Once you have done so by signing in you may now view market.

    Now in Menu/ setting/accts and sync. you turn on gmail auto sync...

    If nothing happens turn off phone remove battery turn On phone
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  7. saralgom

    saralgom Lurker

    Im sorry but that doesn't have anything to do with my question I'm having trouble with my contacts and it won't ever show even if I sync it bluetooth or anything it just doesn't work
  8. roadster

    roadster Well-Known Member

    yeah it does in a way. but hey tat is how I get my contacts back. nevermind ave a great day
  9. SandersJC64

    SandersJC64 Member

    Okay, it seems that your contacts are on your phone but not showing up. Most likely Your display filters are off. Go to Contacts>Display options. Make sure that your contact accounts are under the Choose contacts to display. Click the arrow next to your account name(s) and make sure the desired groups to display are checked.
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  10. blupyxie

    blupyxie Lurker

    Thank you soooo much! I thought phone was dead forever. I plugged it in and absolutely nothing. After taking those two things out for ten seconds and plugging it back in, the lights came on! :)
  11. LisaLanguish

    LisaLanguish Lurker

    Hey Please HELP!
    i connected my phone to my laptop through my usb. i got a message saying i should update and i did, when it got to 4% it failed and my phone was stuck on the blue emergency screen and it would not go back to the normal screen so i switched it off. now when i try to turn it back on. it goes it but only to the screen that you see for 5 seconds then goes back off? whats happened to my phone i just got it today?
  12. star2011

    star2011 Newbie

    I think your there exsists virus in your laptop. you shoud get virus repellents
  13. snukie94

    snukie94 Lurker

    i was playing a game on my android lg optimus and it shut off on me . i tried to turn it back on but it wouldnt . i took out the battery and waited 5 minutes and nothing happened when i placed it back in . when i put it on the charger the screen is blank and the buttons are flashing . i have a long trip ahead of me in the morning and i need my phone . SOMEONE HELP PLEASE !
  14. mattacid

    mattacid Lurker

    one of my family members bought me this phone but when i got it the phone wont turn on so i put it on the charger after the phone showed that it was fully charged i unplugged it and tried to turn it on but wouldnt turn on. no lights at all flashed or anything so i put it back on the charger again and the 4 buttons light up and shows that the phone is charging but the moment i unplug the phone no light nothing comes on at all is there any fix to this at all????
  15. johnmcculla

    johnmcculla Lurker

    I have a lg optimus M and it will not turn on even if i do what roadster said although when i plug it in to chage the charge screen comes on.:thinking:
  16. shanshanx1

    shanshanx1 Lurker

    I was charging my phone on my computer through USB port and it was working fine, next thing i know, the screen is black and when I try to turn it on, the 4 buttons on the bottom flash their lights and the phone wont turn on. Ive tried removing everything and pluging things in and unplugging them
  17. shanshanx1

    shanshanx1 Lurker

    also, when I plug it into the wall charger there is a high screetching noice coming from the charger and the 4 button are flashing.
  18. brave7

    brave7 Lurker

    I have an LG Optimus S and yesterday my phone died so I plugged it in. The four bottom buttons were flashing and every 30 seconds it would play the annoying music it plays when the Sprint icon pops up to indicate that it is powering on. That went on for about 10 minutes without it turning on before I unplugged it so I could sleep. This morning I tried the suggestions others had posted, but it would not work. I know that the charger is ok because the phone lights up and only makes the annoying music when it is plugged in.
  19. Fun2599

    Fun2599 Lurker

    When I was instaling another rom from rom manager on to my phone it asked me if I wanted to delete the installed rom and/or delete dalvid cache so I chose both. It said it was going in to flash recovery or something like that. The screen went blank and didnt do anything so I pressed the power button until LG apered on screen but then it went blank agian for about 2 seconds then the buttons lighted up and LG apered on screen. It keeps on repeating this over and over again until the I turn it of by pressing and holding the power switch or it runs out of battery. After I turned it back on it does It once and then turned off. If I plug it in to the mains it turns on again and repeats the cycle over again.

    If your wondering what rom I had before it was by devan froyo. I can't remember exactly because this happened a week ago.

    If there's anything you know that might help all would be helpful.​
  20. cohojo96

    cohojo96 Lurker

    I have an LG Optimus that just shut down, wouldn't come back up with nothing more than a quick flash of the LG logo with no other responses. I read through this and other threads and none of the remedies worked, so I took a couple and combined them and viola' it's working and here's what I did. I pulled the battery and Card plugged in the wall charger and hit the power button. The screen turned on reading that it must have the battery. I believe I kept holding the power button, but with the phone plugged in I inserted the battery. It flashed a couple of times and then the big battery charging icon came on. I periodically hit the power button and when I continued that I was still getting the charging icon, I waited 10 more minutes. While leaving the phone plugged in, I pushed and held the power button and the phone powered up, as good as new. Nothing was wiped during this procedure so I lost no data. I couldn't believe it.
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  21. Buzz6044

    Buzz6044 Lurker

    i HAD THE EXACT SAME THING IT TOLD ME IT NEEDED TO BE UPDATED SO IT DID ALL THAT STUFF GOT TO 4% AND CAME UP WITH A BLUE SCREEN AND ITD STUCK ON THE LG LOADING SCREEN, ive noticed something just before the lg screen there a smaller white version of lg on it so yeh i dont know what to do HELP!
  22. tracsportva

    tracsportva Member

    My optimus locked up :(
    I did a clean wipe, and re-installed everything, not sure what to think yet.
    I am going to start looking on ebay for another phone, dont have alot of cash right now but its gotta be a start.

    G-bread is making the phone funny, and not the ha ha kind..
  23. jeremiasb

    jeremiasb Lurker

    Roadster, you've saved my life, man!

    Thanks a lot for those tips.

    My p500 wouldn't charge at all and kept flashing the four buttons and LG logo over the black screen without stopping...

    Taking off everything and letting it rest for 5 minutes unconnected (from charger or PC) made it begin charging again, after reconnecting to wall charger.

    Many thankz and cheers!
  24. Ruby27

    Ruby27 Lurker

    Yay! Thanks soo much Roadster!! Your instructions worked for me! My phone died throughout the night, but when I plugged it into the charger for an hour it still wouldn't turn on or respond or anything, I thought for sure it was lifeless and thought I would have to buy a whole new phone. But I gave your instructions a try and they worked! My phone turned on! I'm going to keep it plugged into the charger for a while until battery is full. God Bless You!
    Sincerely, Ruby
  25. Androidracer

    Androidracer Lurker

    I have done as roadster suggested but that doesn't seem to help. My phone turns on, but only makes it to the white republic wireless screen before quitting. I just got it 3 days ago and need it desperatley. Somebody help me please.

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