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Lg p500 problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ballaterboy, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. ballaterboy

    ballaterboy Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone else had a problem with their LG P500 when trying to sync or backup their Contacts from phone to PC using the LG PC Suite IV?

    Won't go into extreme detail but it seems to sync a few but not the vast majority. The Sync in the PC Suite goes so far and then stops. Been on to LG Support for literally hours. The guy really was supportive but nothing works. Phone has been back to the engineers but it came back saying they fixed it. Guess what? Just the same.

    Never had so much bother with a PC Suite. Nokia and Sony Ericsson when I had their mobiles was just so straight forward. Wondered if it was just my phone or if anyone else had experienced grief.

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  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    Welcome to the forums.

    Syncing issues are not always the problem of the device.. it could be the system itself at the other end, which can be maddening because of all the troubleshooting done by the user on their device trying to remedy things.

    I'm wondering if anybody had thought to clear all data and cache and defaults on the apps and widgets you're using to sync. If so, and the issue remained, perhaps a factory data reset could wash out the problem.

    I'd go into menu > settings > applications > manage applications and then go to each app/widget involved and start clearing everything not greyed out, then reboot the device.

    You'll have to reconfigure, of course.
  3. ballaterboy

    ballaterboy Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Did a factory reset over phone with Support guy and also an app debugging as well. No joy.
  4. deep111111

    deep111111 Lurker

    hi guys i bought optimus 1 just 4 days back and found dust creepin under the screen ,worried i went to lg service centre , they replaced it but iam still concerned about this piece bieng dust resistant ,anybody else had this issue
  5. luxornet

    luxornet Lurker

    I installed LG PC Suite (Windows application) but failed to communicate with phone because I got a message:
    'Select PC Suite mode on phone'.
    Is there any PC suite application in LG phone?
    Thank you.
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  6. pankaj16

    pankaj16 Member

    I am still facing the issue with sync with the contacts (No successful sync for contacts since I for the phone almost a month back)

    Initially had to stuggle with installing and reinstalling drivers. But at the most now I could sync messages only. No success with contacts still (which are very crucial since I had copied my contacts from sim and needs to to some housekeeping)
  7. ballaterboy

    ballaterboy Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have solved my recent problem which has been on going since the 24th December 2010. The chap at the Support Desk who never gave up on the problem where many would have and was a great support and positive about the whole thing. The fact that I solved it myself is irrelevant as I think he was only a heartbeat behind me.

    The problem was simply that whatever I tried my contact list in the LG P500 wouldn't Sync with the LG PC Suite on the Desktop. We literally tried everything including sending the phone back to the engineers who returned it saying problem solved but it wasn't.

    Messed around today and in desperation or was it intuition I did the following.

    1. I had already SHARED my Contacts via E Mail to myself and had those VCF files on my desktop.
    (Win7) Open Contacts, multi select all then sent to myself via E mail. Open E mail and download
    ALL attachments to a file in Documents. You now have a complete set of vcf files of all your

    2. I cleared the few contacts that had managed to sync from the PC Suite. So Contacts in PC suite
    now totally empty

    3. Now the scary bit! I then deleted all contacts from all sources in the phone.

    4. From the PC Suite I then Imported my vcf files from the Desktop into the PC suite. Make sure to
    select VCF files not CSV otherwise it wont work.

    5. I then tried Sync again.

    It worked!!!!!!!!!!

    I have then since thoroughly tested the system. Everything syncs back and forth no problem. I can add, delete and modify in both phone and PC Suite and all is well.

    Hope this helps anyone else with the same problem. LG are looking at the problem and may well modify their software in the future.
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  8. yay thanks ballaterboy, was at my wits end in trying to sync the phone and existing contacts. had given up hope and was planning to go manual entry of data.

    was apprehensive abt deleting data on phone. finally took the plunge and now everthing seems to syncing perfectly.

    thanks again
  9. ballaterboy

    ballaterboy Lurker
    Thread Starter

    My pleasure. Know what it fells like 2 months for me. Strike one for the good guys!!!

    Happy Syncing
  10. nureyev666

    nureyev666 Lurker


    I have a LG P500 and is not working with 3G network. I already clicked on data enabled, configured the apn settings and clicked on the Preferred network mode GSM/WCDMA auto. With wifi I configured the gmail account. But with wifi off i can't access network. I get 'A network error occurred. Retry, or cancel and return to previous screen.'
    Has anyone got this problem?
    Please help.

  11. crazzy

    crazzy Lurker

    Hi ballaterboy. i want to copy contacts from my pc ( which r in .CSV format) to my LG P500. What should i do ? i cant understand anything. plz..plz..plz...help.
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  12. ballaterboy

    ballaterboy Lurker
    Thread Starter

    not a problem. I assume you have the LG PC Suite. If not make sure you have. Easy to obtain.

    Open the PC Suite and select the Contacts section

    Go to File at the top (drop down menu) and select Import

    You will get a samll box with 2 options.
    Select CSV files

    You now get a box saying Import. Select your files by Browsing to them.

    Select them ALL Click OK in the Import box and it will copy those files to your Contacts section of the PC Suite

    you can edit them in there if you wish and then sync them to your phone.
  13. P500 KSW

    P500 KSW Lurker

    hey guys i own a lg p500 too and i am having a terrible problem..my phone doesnt recieve network after some time and i only get it for a limited period after i have restarted my phone...i have it on automatic network registration. please help
  14. saurabh79

    saurabh79 Newbie

    to copy contacts into mobile, I found using the google contacts way the most simple and easy to mange. go to google.com/contacts and upload your csv file. then in your phone contact book enable the option to sync contacts with google.. this way we have all our contacts backed up on google and prevents any loss.

    also in google contacts you can merge / find duplicates. etc.. this is an amazing feature ..

    it also checks for your email addressses and adds to the contacts.
  15. Kositch

    Kositch Lurker

    Don't want to create new thread, simple question - Does anoyone need to recalibrate compass one every compass app launch? It's pretty annoying to move phone in figure 8 on every Geocaching app launch when I need to use compass navi.

    I have official ROM 10a, no root.

    Thanks for answer!
  16. apsychedelic

    apsychedelic Newbie

    My girlfriend was having issues with the sync as well, so I suggested this to her, as I think is probably the easier, because if we already sold our souls to google, then why not letting it have our contacts in the cloud as well :D

    But ballaterboy's suggestion is what I would try myself as is the crafty dirty one :cool:
  17. ChubbyAndroid

    ChubbyAndroid Lurker

    My lg optimus 1 wont turn on it gets to the lg sign and then freezes and i have to remove the battery to get it off can someone help me please:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  18. reszerve

    reszerve Lurker

    I think??? the PC Suit IV contact problem (other than it being an ugly piece of Flash code) is a little more straight forward.

    Their are two directories on the phone - there is the one in the SIM card that goes with the SIM card, and then there is a more sophisticated LG proprietary directory (it knows about avatars, groups, etc).

    When my provider transferred contacts from an earlier phone , they transferred them to the SIM. PC Suit IV can't seem to see these at all!

    Any new entries created were by default in the LG proprietary phone directory. PC Suit IV sees and syncs these only.

    Open contacts
    press menu button, choose more, choose Import/Export
    a screen apears, choose Import from SIM card
    a screen appears "Create contact under account", choose Phone
    press menu button again, choose select all, then choose Done

    Any entry originally in the SIM will now appear twice, once for the SIM, once for the Phone. You can fix this by opening contacts, press menu button, choose Display Options, choose SIM, un-check "All Contacts" under SIM and choose Done. Only the Phone directory entries are now visible.

    PC Suit IV should now sync every displayed contact. Caveat - you are now using the Phone directory, not the SIM directory. Any contact not in the SIM will not transfer with the SIM. But at least you can back/restore up all your contacts to a PC!

    By memory, earlier PC Suites were NOT Flash and understood about SIM directories. LG - get your act together!
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  19. devendra.dvm

    devendra.dvm Lurker

    im also facing same problem. any one plz help me on this...

  20. ananddurgam

    ananddurgam Lurker

    Is there a PC Suite application in Phone?
    I installed LG PC Suite (Windows application) but failed to communicate with phone because I got a message:
    'Select PC Suite mode on phone'.
    Is there any PC suite application in LG phone?
    Thank you.
  21. i hv recently bought lg optimus one n presently am use wifi for internet access. the problem is dat, whenever i lock the screen the wifi automatically turns off, which in turn stops my internet related programs, on unlocking the connection resumes. jus wanted to kno whether it is a common error.... plz help!!!!
  22. p500user

    p500user Lurker

    I am facing a similar problem, thought there might be issues with the PC Suite so upgraded that but still the phone is not recognized by the PC Suite.:(

    Any help?
  23. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    Have you tried selecting WCDMA only mode? If not, do you have good 3G range (3 or 4 bars) in your area? And you're not getting internet access when you choose GSM only mode either?
  24. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I have had the same problem. Did you buy an "unlocked" phone? if so you need to go to your providers web site and and go to the Sim only plans and set up your phone, it connects your sim in that phone to your current provider...

    On my phone after doing the above....

    I have gone into "accounts and sync" and turned off Auto-sync and the Background Data, if your not worried about all of the automatic downloads then you probably won't need to do this.

    In Wireless and network settings go to Mobile networks and turn on Data Roaming.

    It now works on my phone. it doesn't work on the Opera mini I have installed however on the basic browser provided on the phone... No problem. It took a few goes to set it up but it seems to work now. Shame the default browser is so cr@p.

  25. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    My phone cuts off mid call. Does this happen to anyone else?

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