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LG P970 Optimus Black problem.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tihane, May 7, 2012.

  1. Tihane

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    I have a problem with my phone, I used Software Update, after it was done, 100%, it started till LG logo and got stuck there, so I removed battery, put it back and plugged it back in, but after switching it on, i realized that 2 out of 4 buttons which are under the screen arent working correctly, like, when im in "main menu" or in internet or anywhere else, and if i press home button, it isnt doing anything, but when i try to make screen picture, (On/off button and Home button) it works fine. And also the search button isnt working, it used to go to google search instantly, but now it only works in main menu (with new theme), and also, if anyone calls me, i cant pick it up, it will say that im busy to a callers phone. So I think it messed up a bit, if anyone can help me, please do it. (I've tried hard reset) But I can call out perfectly, and everything else works. And is there a way to bind buttons? Cuz i think i need to rebind Home and Search buttons to do the right thing, but i dont know how to fix calling problem.

    Thank you.

  2. ThomBink

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    I have a similar problem after installing the official OS upgrade v 2.2.2 (ex-factory) to the new veersion 2.3.4 (GingerBread) via the LG website. Everything seems to work fine, except for the menu buttons at the bottom of the screen (menu-home-back-search), whose light now turns off after approx 4 seconds (the symbols turn 'black'). I am pretty sure this was not so before the upgrade and I suspect it has something to do with the 'improved' energy household of v 2.3.4, but the invisible buttons are extremely inconvenient. Is there a solution?
    Thanks in advance
  3. juLoo

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    it's happening the same thing with the buttons of my Lg P970, after upgrading to 2.3.4, also the button's feedback vibration is slightly more intense and now I can hear a noise , like a zzzzz. About the first key , it has two functions : fast tap , opens google search, while tap and hold , opens the vocal google search.
    Please any help will be greatly appreciated as who is speaking is totally newbie about android. Also some advice on any app which can help to reset the button's light to remain on while using the phone
  4. kalbasitajs

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    I have the same problem with search and home button, and also no one can call me, what to do?


    Ok so i managed to fix this, go to your phone settings/confidencial and restart it from there!
  5. raj007

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    Heyy guyss!!

    I tried upgrading my LG optimus black and messed Up. now the google apps are not working at all and I dont have google market on it. so I cant install anything on my phone because it doesnt have an inbuilt file manager. I am totally freaked out by this and tried to find out solution on google but wasnt abble to do so...

    Please help!!!!

    P.S. my phone is rooted


  6. vic236

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    I purchased 3 LG-P970 online for $200 each.

    One of them is so far doing okay, the other 2 have had issues.

    1 of them with issues has now had the flashing issue cannot get it fixed in Australia bcs of limited warranty.

    In a nut shell LG is shit I would not reco this phone, IPhone 3 and 4 is a far better pcs of hardware.

    If anyone finds out the flash issue pls post

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