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LG P999 info

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by superboki77, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. superboki77

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    Hi guys. Yesterday I got brand new LG P999 (T-mobile i think, On the box is LG-999,not G2X), although I live in Europe In settings options under about phone tab are following details: android version 2.3.4, kernel, built GRJ 22, baseband m6600a-scautnz-2.09720t (may212012)mp:trulge_08.09.02r_mdm, software version lg-p999-v10c-usa-xxx. When I try to update firmware through LG Mobile Support Tool it says that there is already latest version V10c. I dowloaded app GetRil form google play and it says that RIL is not compatible to existing Baseband. So my question: is there another/newer version of software version (like v20 or something), do I need to install adequate baseband and which one or just sit back,relax and wait for official ICS?

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    root or wait are your options

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