Apr 9, 2013
I have the LG Pulse which is also known as the Realm, L90 and Exceed 2. Mine is from Virgin Mobile and is one of their three "Custom" phones for their new "Custom" plans.

My phone will not shut up after it notifies me of some event (any event) that occurs like a new email or missed call. I have found no setting in KitKat 4.4.2 on MY phone that can disable repeat notifications.

The original notification happens, then 15 seconds later it repeats, then 20, then 25 and it seems to stay at 25 seconds for each notification after that.

I have looked through the settings and see no way to shut off repeat notifications and am really irritated by this! It wakes me up at night when I get an email. I have turned on "Quiet Time" but it still vibrates nonstop at night. I do not want to turn my phone off at night in case a friend or family member needs to get a hold of me for an emergency.

Are you aware of any bugs related to KitKat, or LG phones that makes this happen? How can I fix this?

I tried installing Light Flow (the paid version once I saw the free version works) but it has not fixed the repeat notifications. I did turn off all the built-in LED notifications and let Light Flow control it exclusively but it doesn't change the repetitive notifications I receive with all events.

I have only had my phone now for 3 days but I may have to return it as I can't continue to have a so severely annoying (but good) phone.

If you have any suggestions, please, let me know..

Thank you.