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LG Smartwatch and STEPS

Discussion in 'Wear Os' started by MikeSD, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. MikeSD

    MikeSD Newbie
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    I like my LG Urbane 2 but the STEPS are confounding. I have two apps, LG and FIT. Both count steps and sync with phone. There is also a watch STEPS count, that doesn't seem to have an app. These steps show on my watch faces.

    NONE of the 3 versions of steps match each other, so it's very confounding. Since STEPS show up on watchfaces, I prefer to use that, even though it seems a little higher than my app steps. BTW the app steps do match my phone steps, for a specific app. But not each other.

    Can anyone explain why this is?
    Why are the STEPS all different?
    Any idea which might be more accurate?

    Is there any way, or any app, that matches the step count, on the watch itself. I like the simplicity of a step count. The apps have a lot of setup and various ways of getting tracking, calories and such, but just steps would be nice to use.

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