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LG Sol as modem for dial up connection

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DorinDXN, Feb 20, 2012.

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    I have this problem, trying for couple of days and not having it sorted out.
    I want to use the LG E730 (Sol) as modem for a Dial up connection in Windows XP +sp3, meant I have a 3g card in the phone which works very well in these two modes

    1)teethering through USB cable
    2)as a Wi-Fi hotspot

    for my needs I must set up a dial up connection because I'm using the 3G connection sometimes as a back up for my web server for those rare situations when the wired connection is down, the above working modes aren't good enough as I'll further need to forward the port 80 and I understand that cannot be done, at least with a not rooted phone.

    Is someone who managed to made a working dial-up connection using this phone as 3g modem? and what are the steps and settings?

    From my trials, once the modem have "at+... " settings at Extra initializations commands the modem failed to respond further on, and the phone need to be rebooted

    If there is no Extra settings then modem responds, but the dial up doesn't work, I guess, due to the missing extra commands.

    Appreciate any help o this :)


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