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LG Spectrum on gsm

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ddas8888, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. ddas8888

    ddas8888 Newbie
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    Just found Htc Rezound is running on gsm and thinking of our spectrum on the same way. Both the phones have same specification with same chipset inbuilt, so there is a chance to test gsm on spectrum. Will you try and tell us?


    [WIP][HELP NEEDED] Enable North American UMTS/HSPA bands (3G data on AT&T)
    1) Download and install HTC Sync, HTC Diag drivers and DFS CDMA Tool (free version). Connect phone to PC and switch it to the DM mode (dial ##3424).
    For detailed instructions look here, here or here
    If ##3424# code doesn't work, download this app, launch it and select DMCmdBroadcastReceiver
    2) Connect DFS to the first HTC Diagnostic Interface port (not 9K)
    3) At the Equipment page check if Extended Build ID / MSM rev is MSM8660. If it's different, you've selected a wrong port.
    4) Click Send SPC button to send SPC 000000.
    5) Go to NV page. Set Start to 1877, End to 1878. Click Read Range. ITEM_1877 should appear in the list.
    6) Select ITEM_1877. Values in the Edit NV box should be 87 03 68 00 00 00 02 00 followed by zeros.
    7) Change the values to 87 03 E8 04 00 00 02 00. Click Apply changes and Write selected item. Click Read Range again and re-select ITEM_1877 to make sure the value as changed. Retry if not.
    8) Disconnect USB cable and restart the phone.
    9) Switch mode to UMTS Only and see if you get the signal.

    TL;DR: Write 87 03 E8 04 00 00 02 00 into NV Item 1877 (NV_RF_BC_CONFIG_I) using the primary diag port.

    Inspired by the Bionic on tmobile thread.

    Here is a screenshot of my phone on HSPA network with a Red Pocket (AT&T MVNO) SIM card:

    The only problem I noticed is that HSPA signal in my area is much weaker than GSM that comes from the same tower. But maybe this is how AT&T network works here. I don't have any other phone to compare.

    Tested on the original 4.03.605.1 ROM (s-on, rooted).
    May also work for other HTC "global" phones (Incredible 2?).

    I also tried to enable 1700 MHz UMTS band for T-Mobile by writing 87 03 E8 07 00 00 02, but it has no effect. Probably, the hardware does not support it.

    The weak signal problem is due to missing RF calibration for UMTS in 800 and 1900 bands. Loading a RF NV dump from a MSM8x60-based fully-calibrated phone might help. If you have a recent HTC GSM/UMTS phone and want to help, see this post.

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  2. sonicmerlin

    sonicmerlin Newbie

    I'd really like to know if this could actually work, but I'm too scared to try it out on my own spec.
  3. dvl36

    dvl36 Newbie

    HTC Rezound working with world GSM band out of the box. But Spec will not. I got "Sim check fail!" log message.
  4. sonicmerlin

    sonicmerlin Newbie

    Darn it... maybe tdm can get it working.
  5. vj950

    vj950 Member

    Ok, now I am in India and have Vodafone SIM card (GSM and GPRS/3G). I am on AOKP4.1 beta3. I am available to test anything the devs want to see how to make spectrum a global phone for next 2 weeks.

    PS: I did put my Vodafone SIM in Spectrum but it is not recognized (as expected).
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  6. I_SAY

    I_SAY Lurker

    What LG said is that the Spec is Global Capable it only needs verizon's green light for the update to happen. I also read in an LG official forum that with ICS update LG also enabled the ability for the Spec to Roam Data Globally, you can actually insert a data sim card to the phone and it will automaticly connect for data usage but no voice service. It is sad that a feature that LG and Verizon promised that would come is not here yet, and even more sad in such a capable phone.

    Quote 1 From: When, if ever, will Spectrum get Global Roaming activated?

    "LG Product Pro (Official Rep) 1 month ago
    Yes, it was posted during it's launch that the Spectrum does have a radio that will support Global Roaming bands. However, the decision to activate that would have to come directly from the carrier to be certified for their global roaming plans.

    At this point, I don't know if that will happen, but the device would most likely get an update if that were to be turned on.


    Quote 2 From: Use with Softbank SIM?

    "You can data roam according to LG (and the phone menu indicates that) and that capability is unlocked, according to Verizon Wireless. You can't do voice with the Spectrum via the data SIM."

    Do you think theres a way for the GSM data and Voice features to be added to the spec's software? It took me a while but i was able to configure it to function on a CDMA provider in my country with QPST but i cant use data past 1x speed, i would love to turn it into GSM to be able to use 3G or HSPA+ speeds.
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  7. tdm

    tdm Android Expert

    This was my experience exactly with Virgin Mobile (a Sprint MVNO). I suspect 3G is somehow tied to the LTE stuff.

    I have since moved to the Nitro and AT&T, so I cannot test or comment any further, sorry.

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