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LG Stylo 2 Plus 7.0 Deodexed/Xposed Working!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jhgfrtu, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. jhgfrtu

    jhgfrtu Well-Known Member
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    Xposed 7.0/7.1
    Original Thread..

    LG K550 Stylo 2 Plus Deodexed Stock/Nougat_7.0

    K550 T-Mobile Nougat Deodexed update v20B
    How to install
    Must be on nougat 7.0 version 20b rooted, with an unlocked bootloader and latest TWRP installed
    Download (3 )zip files

    T-Mobile Deodexed zip


    v20B zip

    Modded Kernel Insecure boot.img v20b

    Reboot into twrp (latest 3.1.1)
    Wipe dalvik and cache (only)
    Navigate to the folder where the zips are located
    Flash T-mobile zip, 20vb zip then modded kernel v20b zip
    Reboot and phone will take approximately 1-4 minutes to boot the first time
    Give su permissions to apps upon reboot
    (Open file explorer and navigate to /system/app and open "adobe reader" folder and tap on the apk and install) app needs manual install
    (Open file explorer and navigate to /system/app and open "android tool" folder and tap on the apk and install) app needs manual install
    Login to google play and update google play services
    Go to settings ,about phone, "Update Center", app updates and update your LG apps (calculator etc...)

    To enable init.d
    open universal init.d app and hit test then tick the activate button
    open root file browser and navigate to /system/etc/init.d and highlight the test.init file and set permissions (click all check marks)
    Repeat first step
    open universal init.d app and hit test then tick the activate button

    Security patch August 2017
    New Insecure boot.img version20_b
    Google installed
    Stability improvements
    No force closed issues
    Cleaned /system/app folders
    Kept all LG apps for a complete LG experience.

    Nougat 7.0 Deodexed V_20a

    Things to do before.
    Make sure you have a backup of your current rom.!!
    Download zips.
    Make sure device is on Nougat 7.0 bootloader!!
    How to install.
    Make sure your on stock 7.0 V._20a before flashing via TWRP.
    1. Wipe Dalvik/Cache only
    2.Install tmaxxxdeodex.zip via twrp
    3.Install superusers282.zip
    4.Install busybox.zip (if busybox isn't already installed.)
    4.a Metro PCS users please flash the MPCS v20a build prop zip. (Thanks to fighersteve43)
    5.Optional build.prop.zip and Xposed for Nougat. Thanks to the guys here at xda for making this possible.
    6.Reboot system and the phone will reboot twice then take around 2-5 minutes to boot.
    7.I've uploaded an Insecure 7.0 boot.img for a more permissive kernel.

    Here we go!

    Deodexed K550 T-Mobile Nougat 7.0 v_20A.zip (T-Mobile)

    MS550 Nougat 7.0v_20a.zip (MetroPCS)
    MetroPCS Only //Build.prop.zip (flash after flashing Deodexed zip)

    Busybox for 7.0

    SU for 7.0


    Build.prop K550 Nougat 7.0


    Xposed 7.0/sdk24 I used to install xposed. (credits to the maker of the zip)

    Xposed apk I used (credits to the maker of this apk)

    To install Gapps please visit OpenGapps

    Use at your own risk!
    Not responsible for your device.

    original thread

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  2. jhgfrtu

    jhgfrtu Well-Known Member
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  3. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ±
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    Merged similar threads ;)
  4. loonycgb2

    loonycgb2 Android Enthusiast

    Not all modules work and lots of force closing.

    People should quote that also before posting a non official rovo release..
  5. jhgfrtu

    jhgfrtu Well-Known Member
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    Screenshot_2017-07-28-11-38-47.png Insecure K550/MS550 boot.img update.
    1.added adb insecure
    2. added init.d


    Init.d mods
    set sdcard and micro sdcard read ahead 8192
    set mtu 1500 (data)
    set cpu max frequency 1401000 ghz big cores 1094000 ghz little cores
    set gpu max frequency 450 mhz
    set gpu rendering force on on boot
    set SE linux to permissive on boot


    Any mod you don't like or want simply navigate to /system/etc/init.d and delete any mod file of your choice.
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  6. jhgfrtu

    jhgfrtu Well-Known Member
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    Here's a few modules that are working on our LG Stylo 2 Plus. (Nougat)
    Finally Gravitybox is working!!. Now one may center the statusbar clock.

  7. jhgfrtu

    jhgfrtu Well-Known Member
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    Kernel Update!!!
    Stock V20a Nougat 7.0 Moddied Boot.img

    1.Insecure /Permissive
    2.Init.d Support
    3.Set set_emmc_size.sh to 8192 >4096
    4.Set scaling governor fo "Performance"

    Install via twrp (flash)
    wipe cache/dalvik cache

  8. jhgfrtu

    jhgfrtu Well-Known Member
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    MPCS Deodexed 7.0 Build.prop zip (thanks to fightersteve43)

    Some Metro PCS users have stated the data wasn't working and thanks to the finding by fightersteve43, flashing
    his build.prop will fix the issue and a few others.


    reboot into twrp and flash
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  9. jhgfrtu

    jhgfrtu Well-Known Member
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    Updated to v20b

    Original Thread


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