Help LG Thrill 4g Froyo/v10e 2.2.2 wifi help


I have a LG Thrill 4G running stock FROYO/v10e 2.2.2 that will not connect to wifi. I cant even set up my google account on the phone. When I try it doesnt search for a wifi network, I have to enter it manually, and then get an error saying cannot establish a connection with the server. In the wifi settings it is stuck on turning wifi on. I cannot get into wps push button request or add a wifi network. I have looked through all applications and cant even find one that has anything to do with the wifi. Is it possible that the wifi file has been deleted from FROYO?? Can it be reinstalled, or can I reset the FROYO somehow? I am currently trying to do the urgrade to GIngerbread and then ICS, but of course I am having issues with it. If I get it to go through will it fix the wifi issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.