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LG Tribute 2 (boost) reference guide

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Deleted User, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. midnightwolf

    midnightwolf Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's called that anymore, i couldn't find it so I'll give what i think it is.

  2. brad65807

    brad65807 Newbie

  3. brad65807

    brad65807 Newbie

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  4. brad65807

    brad65807 Newbie

    SO here is my problem. I have an LG Tribute 2 (boost), . i rooted with kingroot and all was fine. I installed Super-SUME to install supersu and remove kingoroot. rebooted as it told me to do, and it is stuck at the boost boot logo. you cant get into fastboot on this phone, only download mode and stock recovery. stock recovery wont let you flash .img files only sideload option.

    Any help would be appreciated. i have the stock system.img

    PS i tried this:


    people say this works on LG phones. i did it, didnt work either
  5. sfbriancl

    sfbriancl Lurker

    Looks like I just repeated your mistake. If you find some way to unbrick, please share...

  6. brad65807

    brad65807 Newbie

    You do the same.. I look many times a day....still nothing

  7. midnightwolf

    midnightwolf Well-Known Member

    I say get a new device, it'll take a long time until you find it, i got the moto e 2nd gen for 30 dollars at boost mobile.
  8. sfbriancl

    sfbriancl Lurker

    Yeah, I'll be getting a new device. I guess I'll keep my eye out for a Volt if another deal comes along...
  9. ELGee

    ELGee Lurker

    Has anyone tried these methods yet?

    Unlock bootloader for LG Tribute 2: http://www.unlock-bootloadere.xyz/2015/11/lg-tribute-2-7442.html

    CWM & TWRP (Also Includes Updating to MarshMallow 6.0)For LG Tribute 2: http://cwm-twrp-android.net/download/lg-tribute-2/

    I just came across these on my pursuit to find a way to re-install stock apk's back to my Tribute 2. (My first root, and I didn't do my research as well as i should, deleted stock apps which cause the OTA's to fail) My search has not really yielded any results as of late, but if anyone can get the bootloader/custom recovery unlocked for this bad boy, its game on. I have tried these methods myself but have not been successful as of yet. I couldn't get all the files to download properly.(I could get one here or there.) The file host they use isn't the greatest. Also i notice in those links they quote saying they pulled these tutorials from XDA. I searched those forums and couldn't locate these particular tutorials.

    It sucks there isn't much support out there yet for this phone. Would really like to see more eventually. If I see anything for the Lg Tribute 2 I will try to remember to post here, as this is the most active thread on the internet for this device. Hope to hear from anyone out there with any updates!
  10. Chas

    Chas Newbie

    Will be following this thread as well, as I just got this phone for the second time, after bricking it earlier today :)

    By the way, here's how I bricked it:
    1) Rooted with KingRoot, no problems
    2) Phone worked fine for a week
    3) Downloaded F-Droid market, and the app Ad Away
    4) Ran Ad Away
    5) BRICK

    So...don't run Ad Away!

    Gonna do the smart thing and backup my ROM first this time. Which version of TWRP do I need?

    EDIT: Went to the two websites linked in the post above mine, but it went to some BS survey, so I'm guessing it's all fake. All the user comments on those two sites are from people with generic white guy photos and English-looking names, who all make the same grammatical errors...the type of mistakes a native English speaker wouldn't make. @ELGee, did you actually USE the links you posted?
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  11. midnightwolf

    midnightwolf Well-Known Member

    Please guys don't use that website it is fake. @ELGee Don't post fake websites please.
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  12. Chas

    Chas Newbie

    ^ That's what I thought. Anyway, I'd like to back up my ROM before I do anything else. TWRP and CWM don't have the Tribute 2 listed. How can I backup the ROM?
  13. midnightwolf

    midnightwolf Well-Known Member

    Sry bro we don't have a twrp or cwm so if you do Get a backup you can't Flash it
  14. bcrichster

    bcrichster ROMinator

    Try online nandroid by h3r3tic, just need Root perms and will give you a cwm/TWRP backup of your choice..
    ..but YES, you still need the actual recovery to flash it back.
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  15. Chas

    Chas Newbie

    Unrelated, but I did a factory reset on my (new) phone, and got stuck in a loop on the activation menus. When I managed to get past it, my home screen was flashing black and grey. In my settings, there was no default Home screen, so I selected the one that was there, and that got me back to a normal home screen. But now the Home button doesn't work, and other random little things are freaking out. All of this happened while on the phone with Boost Mobile support, so they told me to go get another phone from a store.

    I didn't even root this phone! I shoud've got a Moto E or something...
  16. jamoosh

    jamoosh Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for the heads up.
  17. midnightwolf

    midnightwolf Well-Known Member

    It is 30 bucks to switch to it(downgrade)
  18. coolbeans2015

    coolbeans2015 Well-Known Member

    forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/guide-how-to-root-lgls770-5-1-1-t3184649 will get you unbricked & rooted @ the same time, know this is a late post. Found this, downloaded the system pull file the guy posted in beginning (1.06), since there is no kdz for boost variant. Trying to get an answer as to how or if this .zip he uploaded for his phone can be used to reload??? Since bootloaders locked, wondering before trying it if it is going to say something about not being signed?
  19. Chas

    Chas Newbie

    I've seen that thread probably 500 times now ;)

    My phone showed up in the device manager, but no files would actually transfer when I typed the commands into the command prompt. It would just sit there doing nothing. After a couple failed attempts, I even switched the COM port to COM11 manually, so I could copy and paste the commands (in case I was typing them wrong).

    Anyway, I eventually exchanged it for a new one, rooted it with KingRoot, and simply avoided messing with the hosts file this time. I won't be doing anything else until I can make a backup.
  20. DarthMorlock

    DarthMorlock Lurker

    the partion dump backup file, can u use the restore function of the original recovery to update it?
  21. data2318

    data2318 Newbie

  22. data2318

    data2318 Newbie

  23. Chas

    Chas Newbie

    There are literally 25 KDZ files on that page that all say LG Leon. Are they ALL compatible? I'd rather not guess which 2 or 3 will work, and which 22 will brick my phone.
  24. data2318

    data2318 Newbie

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