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LG Tribute 2 (boost) reference guide

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Deleted User, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. waqyum

    waqyum Lurker

    For sprint phones, the code is 5689#*Model Number# so in case of tribute 2 its 5689#*665#

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  2. waqyum

    waqyum Lurker

    How did that H343 tot file work for you? Risio is GSM whereas Tribute 2 is CDMA
  3. waqyum

    waqyum Lurker

    I've attached the build.prop file from my tribute 2 in case you still need it. Extract the zip file to get build.prop

    Attached Files:

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  4. data2318

    data2318 Newbie

    Here is the Boost Mobile LS665 stock TOT firmware, will fix Security Error at boot, just use LG Flash Tool to flash:


    If you have Virgin Mobile then probably data won't work with this.

    LG Flash Tool: https://www.mediafire.com/?5cxw1pn2uj8u3jv
    Turn off phone, hold VolumeUp key then plug in USB cable to computer in order to enter download mode.
    Select the dll and tot using the flashtool and open device manager to manually set the phone (in download mode) to port COM41.
    have fun.
  5. Badazv

    Badazv Lurker

    LOL,,,,,I figured it was fake before I even clicked on it due to the guy providing an "upgrade the tribute2 to marshmallow," link. The Tribute2 is a decent little phone to "get a person by", so to speak, but as far as options or ease of rooting? A one out of ten. lol
  6. coolbeans2015

    coolbeans2015 Well-Known Member

    I need the zv3 recover.img "God" (android forum user) said they posted in this thread somewhere???
    Anyone have it?
  7. coolbeans2015

    coolbeans2015 Well-Known Member

    Not this thread... One with about 19 or more pages in it....
  8. matrx10503

    matrx10503 Newbie

    Normally Boost and VM roms play nice with each other.
    Why is this not the case with the Tribute 2?
    I have virgin ls665 and flashed and ended up trashing my imei. I had to get friend to repair my imei/meid.
    Got rom booted, but can't get LTE data working. I have an exclamation mark (usually means APN). But as far as I can see the correct system APN for virgin should be in the default apn list. (I use sqlite database editor to open telephony.db database and I see Internet and the right virgin/sprint APN.
    But in the normal apn menu there is one default apn....not the internet and other apns thats in the database.

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