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Lg v10 data not working

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by OhLG, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. OhLG

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    Hello! Coming from an LG G2 running Cricket Wireless with 4g Lte. So I recently made an impulse buy yesterday buying an LG V10 from someone.I made the purchase quickly and only checked the Imei of the phone beforehand to see if it was compatible(the guy said he was running Lte with Cricket also). Went home, popped my sim in. Put in the data settings from cricketwireless website. And it seemed to work, got HSPA for data, made calls and text (this is a really good phone) but after turning off data since I use wifi 90% of the time anyway, the next day there was no signal and no calls or text were comin in. I rebooted and moved the nano sim.to the 2nd slot then I got all the text and voicemails I missed. Data was showing low bars with an “e”. On my D802 G2, I would go to phone and type “#*#*4636*#*#” to get Lte active but it seems to not work on the V10. Later I found out the V10 is not Lte compatible in the US since its the H962 Taiwan version. Anyone know how to get back 3g data at least?

  2. SiempreTuna

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    I'm not sure about the precise location in settings on the LG10, but in vanilla Android go to:

    Settings .. More .. Mobile networks .. Preferred network type

    You should get an option to select 3G.

    Having said that, I have an ancient (and cheap) contract that doesn't include 4G however, I've never changed this setting to 3G and my 3G data works.

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