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LG Volt 2 Stock Rom

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Technologx, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. Technologx

    Technologx Newbie
    Thread Starter

    How do I go about getting the Boost Mobile LG Volt 2 stock ROM or whatever it's called? Also I need to be able to do it on a Mac if possible.

  2. x432hz

    x432hz Android Enthusiast

    Good question. I've been waiting for someone to come out with a custom recovery, and a stock rom, and even a custom rom built off the stock rom for this LG Volt 2. Does not look like it's going to happen. I've been all over the web for months, it just seems it's just not that popular for anyone to mess around with it, plus, because of the phone itself, from what I was told and what I have found out, the bootloader cannot be unlocked in order for all those things mentioned above to happen anyway.

    Since I cant have those things above, I managed to really make this phone pretty good with what it has, mostly using the tool called: Apps2SD PRO: All in One Tool (by Vicky Bonick). That allowed me to do a lot with the phone, and I finnally just got the phone all hooked up and running great.

    But just yesterday I dropped a flashlight on top of the phone, now my LG Volt 2 has a super-cracked-shattered glass screen. I'm so pissed off. So @#$% it. I give up. I'm gonna just buy a newer phone, definitely not an LG, since it seems due to the bootloader thingy, nobody seems to mess with them.

    I guess I will just go back to the old samsung galaxy's again. Replacing the screen will just take time, leave me without a phone, which aint an option, and it will cost, well, i dont even know.

    At least now I can mess around with this phone all I want and not care about if i totally screw it up or not. Because if I do, lol, without a custom recovery and stock rom, I cant fix it.

    Screw LG.

    lol, later.
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  3. Technologx

    Technologx Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Lol thanks for the long reply I'll keep all that in mind
  4. KingLee92

    KingLee92 Newbie

    yea I'd just rather go back to the first volt.
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  5. grey26

    grey26 Newbie

    Help me find the firmware rom for lg volt 2. I wanted to get root. Now the phone is switched on for screensaver LG:(:(:(:(
  6. KingLee92

    KingLee92 Newbie

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  7. grey26

    grey26 Newbie

    11 step is not responding correctly. No answer on the team
  8. Izzxy

    Izzxy Android Enthusiast

  9. bcrichster

    bcrichster ROMinator

    WHO HAS ROOT?! If someone DOES have Root, then plz use OnlineNandroid.apk from play store and make a CWM/TWRP backup and upload somewhere then provide a link. Also use Flashify.apk or Rashr.apk to backup the stock Kernel (boot.img) & stock recovery.img then upload those as well. Do those and I'll bust out the stock ROMs within a day or two so someone else can just do the custom recovery unless I get my new PC setup soon enough to give it a go. I'm only promising the stock ROMs tho, FYI.
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  10. KingLee92

    KingLee92 Newbie

    I have root via Supersu. @grey26 you'll have to type it twice. For me wen i did the process, i know i had a different Com #
  11. grey26

    grey26 Newbie

    thanks for the help. very helpful. DFS is why the program finds the ports but can not connect to the phone?

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  12. KingLee92

    KingLee92 Newbie

    Did you get it??
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  13. grey26

    grey26 Newbie

    Hi KingLee92
    I was able to install the Root and the phone started. I want to change the program settings DFS. Ports detects (high picture) and not connected. diag and debug mode is enabled. It managed to change the prl, but the network can not find the phone. Phone works only on ruim card? or you can also be set up without her?
  14. x432hz

    x432hz Android Enthusiast

    TechnologX, I dont know how to do that stuff you mentioned above, plus my phone, like I said, wont boot up. So I cannot do shit with it unless there is a way to access the internals via adb etc. Which I dont know how to do it either. Someone would have to walk me thru it.

    I have all the needed stuff installed, Android Studio/SDK etc., but no proper drivers for the LG Volt 2.
    Im also on XP Pro. ... , still.

    I almost went out an hour ago and bought an LG G Stylo from Best buy for $99.99, on sale, and it has Marshmallow 6.0, but I just read that if you try and ROOT the LG G Stylo with 6.0, bam!!! - Bricked.

    Now I'm scared.

    I would have just bought another new Volt 2
    but they dont have them inthe store.

    I dont wanna wait, id rather just buy it in store.

    I dont know what I'm gonna do now.
    Im so confused lol

    Anyone know anything or have
    opinions on the LG G Stylo ? - compared to the VOLT 2 ???

    thanks guys.
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  15. KingLee92

    KingLee92 Newbie

    @x432hz I have drivers if that's all you need. IDK if they're the latest
  16. x432hz

    x432hz Android Enthusiast

    hey yea man, can you give me the drivers?
  17. KingLee92

    KingLee92 Newbie

  18. Technologx

    Technologx Newbie
    Thread Starter

    It's alright and thank you for the link but I hate the damn phone along with Boost Mobile. As soon as I get the money I'm going back to Straight Talk.
  19. Odin89

    Odin89 Android Enthusiast

    Did anyone ever get bc these files?? I just got it and still umder 7 day warranty so lets do this. About to root now, i can have these files pulled in just a few
  20. x432hz

    x432hz Android Enthusiast

    Don't look like it man. I gave up on this phone a little while ago.
    I really liked this phone too. I got it rooted, but as far as any
    custom recoveries or roms, it's beat. Then I broke my screen.
    Then I bricked it anyway.

    Lesson learned: before buying a new phone go onto these forums and make sure it's hackable.

    sorry man. good luck.
  21. x432hz

    x432hz Android Enthusiast

    take it back and get yourself a cheap galaxy s4 like i did. lol
  22. Technologx

    Technologx Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I need the factory rom to fix my piece of sh*t
  23. Odin89

    Odin89 Android Enthusiast

    Iv rooted using the stylos root method. Is there no recovery for the device? Stylos recovery maybe? I could care less for roms as long as theres a recovery i can edit my own rom! :)
  24. Mike Grimley

    Mike Grimley Lurker

    Did you ever have luck getting that ROM for the Volt 2??

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