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LG86C Optimus Showtime 4.3 in Problems.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dennisl46, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. dennisl46

    dennisl46 Lurker
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    I just purchased a LG 86C Optimus Showtime cell phone from straight talk. I am quite disappointed in this phone. I was using a Huawei Phone that worked really nice until I left it out overnight in the rain one day. It worked really well and had a lot of apps that were really nice.

    On the Huawei you could have a little picture frame on the screen and also all android apps worked just fine. - - On the Optimus Showtime it is almost impossible to get any android apps to work. First of all you cannot hold down on the screen and then wait to place a app or widget on screen. You have to do it different ways.

    Anyway, on my screen I want a little picture frame and also a nice little round analog clock next to it. No problem with the Huawei as you just select picture frame from your gallery and it adds a nice little like 1 x 1 1/2 picture to your home screen(s). Very nice. Same with the analog clock widget. Just puts you nice little widget right on the home screen (s) I have downloaded different widgets from playstore for the picture frame and analog clock. None of them work on the LG Optimus Showtime. Does anyone have this phone that has a small picture frame photo or an analog round clock on their home screen. Any help appreciated. I have had quite a few LG and other cell phones. This one was a mistake, works nice and fast, but terrible to use. Even deleting messages requires you to hold down the screen location at the small out shape corner. Holding down at the center of the message to delete does nothing. The manual is useless.

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  2. dennisl46

    dennisl46 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I see this forum is pretty useless. I see many people ask and 100+ people view and maybe 1 or 2 answers. That means 98% of the people are illiterate when it comes to LG phones. I figured everything out by visiting more knowledgeable forums. This one is really a joke. Good Luck to this one.

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