Help LGL75C issues abroad (I just want my clock!)


I'm currently abroad with my LGL75C (straight talk). I knew I could not use my phone for calling abroad, but I had no idea it would be FUBAR once we left my service coverage (the US). I turned my phone off for the plane ride and when I turned it back on in my transit over the Atlantic, my phone was convinced it was 7 pm on January 5th, 1980. Now, every time my phone comes on, it reverts to 7 pm on this same date.

I want to change the date to Sofia time so that I can use my alarm to get up for my digs at 5:30. My Kindle Fire alarms just aren't loud enough.

I need to change my date/time, but on my phone, there is no option. In the 'date and time' settings, there is only "use 24 hour format" and "select date format". No option to alter from automatic to manual, no option to change time zones etc.

I am even connected to WiFi! I understand, without service, how can it know? But I'm connected to WiFi and it functions fine.

I was going to download 'TimeZone Force' from the Android market, but Google Play refuses to connect to my WiFi connection! I don't know what to do. I'm really at a loss here. I just want my damn alarms.