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LGMS870 Security Error - Cannot flash / PC Not Recognizing

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fufanux, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. fufanux

    fufanux Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Accidentally deleted a few mandatory apps like movies and videos. Now I cannot boot my lg ms870 and I get the "security error" at the LG screen. I can get to download mode using the unbricking guide posted here, but no luck with anything else.

    Any suggestions would be great. thanks guys

    -Odin will not recognize phone.
    -Windows and phone drivers installed, but cannot access phone's files in download mode
    -Tried switching USB cables.
    -Will post more as I figure more out.

  2. ZombieBear

    ZombieBear Well-Known Member

    Any luck? I had issues at one point cause the adb provided with the root guide was 32bit and I was on a 64bit system. Might be worth looking into
  3. BRAINZ2013

    BRAINZ2013 Extreme Android User

    If you go on the lg website it has a options to update recovery for some devices . it will unroot and put the real stock ROM with those missing apps lg.com
  4. Spdfreak34

    Spdfreak34 Android Enthusiast

    I got rid of my Spirit several months back so maybe I'm missing some new info, but I wasn't aware Odin worked on LG phones...
  5. aboatright

    aboatright Android Expert

    If u can get to download mode then use the kdz unbrick. That'll fix it. Just reroot afterwards.

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