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libertyremovethrottle.zip with 1.5?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by northernmoris, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. northernmoris

    northernmoris Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Will the removethrottle.zip work with the new 1.5? Thanks..

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  2. bouchigo

    bouchigo Android Expert

    I wouldn't use it.

    I am going to create an update.zip file later today when I get home. My new work PC should be arriving today by fedex; I don't want to install any software/tools on this "loaner PC".

    I will most likely make a separate file for throttle removal and clock removal. Last time I did both throttle and clock removal in the same file, but I think some people only wanted the throttle removal while still keeping the clock.
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  3. bouchigo

    bouchigo Android Expert

    I went ahead and did the no throttle mod using Liberty 1.5's services.jar; I will probably put this mod and the no clock mod in one thread later when I get home.



    Oops, I just noticed your post DRLyman :p
  4. dblack9

    dblack9 Member

    noob question:
    what does this do?
  5. gmenfan83

    gmenfan83 Android Expert

    for heavy data users on unlimited data plans vzw throttles your data usage if or when you exceed 5gb of data....more or less slowing you down if you use too much ....this data throttle hack will prevent that from happening
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  6. darkcyber

    darkcyber Android Expert

    Oh, very sweet! Although I have never run into that problem...yet :rolleyes: But nice hack!
  7. gmenfan83

    gmenfan83 Android Expert

    yes very nice,,,to be honest at first i didnt buy into it or at least was never affected by it but was suprised when vzw released today that they will enforce it so its a handy thing to use if you get throttled
  8. northernmoris

    northernmoris Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I read that article also. All because of the arrival of the iPhone .. Bahh.
  9. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Android Expert

    How do I use the remove throttle zip? just select update.zip or install zip from sd card?
  10. bouchigo

    bouchigo Android Expert

    Install zip from sd card.
  11. Steven58


    +1 Hack installed. TY!
  12. cultldr

    cultldr Android Enthusiast

    That would be awesome, TY very much! :)

    Love removing the clock and enjoyed the one you did for 1.0.
  13. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Android Expert

    Thanks. That's what I assumed but I like to double check before I do anything. Measure twice, cut once.
  14. bouchigo

    bouchigo Android Expert

  15. blueis300

    blueis300 Newbie

    I installed this and my speedtest took a nose dive.

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