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Libyan revolution

Discussion in 'Politics and Current Affairs' started by OutofDate1980, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. OutofDate1980

    OutofDate1980 Android Expert
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  2. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Android Expert

    Awkward huh? Hope the NTC doesn't split. The Libyan people have their chance now, I hope they seize it. I think they will, but we know that it does not always work out.
  3. OutofDate1980

    OutofDate1980 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It appears one obstacle is being solved, but plenty of pitfalls await.

    "Armed loyalists of Moammar Gadhafi, including his security chief, fled into neighboring Niger in multiple convoys across hundreds of miles of desert on Tuesday. Libya’s former rebels — now the country’s de facto rulers — claimed the convoys were a major flight by Gadhafi’s most hardcore backers from his final strongholds."

    Gadhafi security chief, other loyalists flee Libya, raising hope support crumbling - The Washington Post
  4. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Android Expert

    Yet the mercenaries fight on for fear of a painful death from the rebels.

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