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"LightningROM" - A Custom ROM for Funbook Pro

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Devansk, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Devansk

    Devansk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    CustomROM|BeatsAudio|Bravia Engine|JellyBean 4.1.1|XLoud|Dolby| Beats Audio|SRS WOW|ClearBass Audio Effect|Adrenaline Boost| And Much More For Micromax Funbook Pro

    Feel the Thunder

    Based on CM10

    Features -
    -JellyBean 4.1.1
    -Zipaligned all .apk files to optimize ram
    -Hardware Acceleration Enabled
    -Added Init.d Support
    -Better Video Playback and Streaming
    -Better Camera Image Quality
    -Battery Tweaks (Immense battery backup)
    -Adrenaline Boost script included
    -Best Touch Response
    -Performance Tweaks
    -Net Speed Tweaks
    -Phablet UI Integrated.....change ro.disable_phablet_ui=1 to ro.disable_phablet_ui=0 in build.prop to enable
    -Swap internal and external sd-card with ease… change persist.sys.vold.switchexternal=’ to 1 in build.prop to enable swap
    -Tweaked Hosts File (No more advertisements)
    -Ram Tweaks and Scripts
    -Many Init.d tweaks
    -Tons of build.prop Tweaks
    -Apollo music player
    -Bravia Engine
    -Xloud Engine (AC!D Sound Mod)
    -Dynamic Bass (AC!D Sound Mod)
    -Dolby Sound System (AC!D Sound Mod)
    -Beats Audio (AC!D Sound Mod)
    -SRS WOW (AC!D Sound Mod)
    -Clearbass (AC!D Sound Mod)
    -Clearaudio+ (AC!D Sound Mod)
    -Clearhase (AC!D Sound Mod)
    -Replaced stock file explorer with ES File Explorer
    -Removed all bloatware
    -Ultra Smooth
    -Lightning Fast
    -Choose from over 4 Launchers (Apex,Nova,Trebuchet,Go Launcher HD)
    -Much More ! ;)

    What's New ? (v2)

    -USB Bluetooth Support
    -XBOX, PS3 Controllers and Generic Gamepads Support
    -Added Android 4.2 Keyboard with Gesture Typing
    -Added Android 4.2 Camera Features (Panorama mode, etc.)
    -Added Android 4.2 Deskclock
    -Added More Init.d Scripts
    -Superchargerv6 script Included
    -A Lot Smoother

    What's New?(v2.1)
    -Fixed App Installation Error
    -Auto-Reboots Fixed
    -Crashes Fixed
    -Fixed Sound Problems
    -Added data/app functionality
    -Alienware Fire Boot Animation (A little bit changed)

    What's New?(v2.2) :)
    - Minor bug fixes
    - Update Nova Launcher, Go Launcher, Terminal Emulator, ES File Explorer and some more apps.
    - Added Battery Tweaks
    - SD Card will work faster
    - Added more Ram Tweaks
    - Changed Alienware Fire Boot Animation to JellyBean Boot Animation
    - Added RAM Apps
    - Added Working Youtube App (You can update it also !)
    - Added Gmail and Adobe Flash Player
    - Added BlackMart Alpha (All paid apps free)
    - Smoother

    Bugs -
    -1080p Videos not working smoothly

    How to Install this ROM?

    *This ROM is flashable via CWM recovery
    Note: Make a backup before flashing this ROM, just in case something goes wrong!!
    1. Download LightningROM, gapps-jb.zip and Multi DPI Play Store for JB.zip
    2. Place these files on your external SD
    3. Make sure you have installed CWM
    4. Reboot to recovery
    5. Wipe data/ Factory reset
    6. Wipe Cache partition
    7. Wipe dalvik cache in advanced menu
    8. Choose the option Install zip from sd card and locate the zips and flash in this order -
    (iii)Multi-DPI-Store for JB
    9. Reboot system
    10. Enjoy !


    ScreenShots -


    Downloads --->


    1) How to use Adrenaline Boost Script ? --> Download Terminal Emulator, Open it then type[HIGH]su

    2) 1080p Videos not working? --> Use MX Player to play 1080p Videos

    3) How to use superchargerv6 script --> Open SManager, touch browse as root, hit back two times then go to system-->xbin-->superchargerv6.sh--> touch the su icon (make sure it is green) --> touch run. go through the script. Then choose the 9th option at the driver's console. Then choose the SuperClean and Restart Option. (you will have to run the script every time when you reboot but when you run first time it takes time to install but when u do it after reboot it will take u straight to driver's console and after that choose 33rd option and hit back.) Done !!

    A Very Very Big thanks to
    - Joby John for fixing Sensors problem
    - the whole Cyanogenmod Team
    - AC!D Sound Engine Team
    - Ramtix for Alienware Fire Boot animation
    - greyphil for Jellybean Boot Animation
    - MyLifeRocks10 for Multi-DPI Play Store

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  2. hkesharia

    hkesharia Lurker


    I have installed this. It looks working fine. Performance is also far better than stock ROM, mainly there was a problem when we do any network activity like browsing, download anything, updading news in any RSS reader like Pulse, etc. This ROM addressed all this issue.

    However, now I came across with following issues:

    * Many applications show that it is not compatible with this OS, like Google Chrome, Facebook, etc.
    * I am abble to download the youtube app, but it keeps crashing and unable to play any video

    Could you please provide the fix to install any app from play store?

  3. Devansk

    Devansk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi Hitesh, Thanks for the compliments ! I know these issues. There is an update coming today. Install that and it will solve all of your problems. You will get it before 3:00 P.M.
  4. hkesharia

    hkesharia Lurker

    Hey, I have installed 2nd version, but it's still not working, still I am not able to install google chrome, facebook, etc. and still youtube is crashing...
  5. Devansk

    Devansk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am really sorry i know that and have took down the links !
    will fix it as soon as possible !
    sorry for the inconvenience !
  6. Devansk

    Devansk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Finally, The new LightningROMv2.1 is stable !!
    Uploading !! U will get it before 3:00 P.M !!
  7. hkesharia

    hkesharia Lurker

    Nope, unfortunately no luck after installing v2.1...still problem is exist...
  8. Devansk

    Devansk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    ok so what you need to do is !
    restore back to stock rom then install the v2.1 !
    many people said that there are no errors in v2.1 !!
  9. hkesharia

    hkesharia Lurker

    Thanks, v2.2 looks working fine....
  10. Devansk

    Devansk Newbie
    Thread Starter

    You'r welcome ! I knew that it will solve it !

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