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Like HULU and netflix app!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by kilobitdud, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. kilobitdud

    kilobitdud Lurker
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    I've been waiting for a netflix or a hulu app and I have found anything just a stupid blockbuster app (but is soo damn expensive for a movie) then I came acoss this sites :D

    HD2 FANSITE: TV Series: Family Guy

    HD2 FANSITE: TV show: House

    HD2 FANSITE: TV series: The Office

    I thought a share the links:D, they got some cool streaming movies and tv shows, should hold up until a netflix or a hulu app comes out.
    Now what I hate about most of the FREE TV/MOVIES links I run into, is ya gotta jump through so many hoops, watch, click through so many ads, by the time you get to the meat and potatoes, hell, you could have driven home and watched whatever on your big screen, real TV, but this site actually doesn't have those annoying IN YOUR FACE ADS.


    oh and what sites or apps you guys use?

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