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Likes and Dislikes Sero 7 Pro

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by someguyatx, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. someguyatx

    someguyatx Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Just curious about everyone's general thoughts on this tablet. I have been an android phone user for about 4 years but this is my first android tablet. Overall I feel its a good buy and a solid tablet.

    My Likes
    -Best bang for buck tegra3 tablet, plays games well
    -Full features like bluetooth, gps, nfc, micro sd, hdmi all work
    -great screen quality and good speakers
    -battery life 8-10 hours with normal mixed use, and 6-8 hours with gaming and video
    -Most apps and games work no problem

    My Dislikes
    -Brand new device should be on 4.2.2
    -Camera could be better
    -Sometimes it runs warm at top third of tablet rear
    -hangs a bit when downloading or installing an app
    -fingerprint magnet
    -rear panel feels good but not solid on rear.
    -apps to sd should be a standard feature with only 8gb internal storage

    So I rooted, got a microsd card + i-blason hard case and this fixed several of my dislikes. Need camera suggestions and other good tablet app suggestions. Hopefully we hear about the 4.2 2 update soon.

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  2. Tadb123

    Tadb123 Newbie

    I purchased the tablet the first day it was released, and use it daily. I pretty much agree with your " likes and dislikes;" except it's my understanding that not being able to move apps to an SD card is a function of Android jellybean, and not something done by Hisense. I would say the biggest negative is the 8gb of internal storage, but the "dislikes"are all pretty nit-picky, especially compared to the "likes." All in all it's the best 7" tablet, for $150, on the current market.
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  3. atz06

    atz06 Lurker

    I rooted the tablet, inserted a 64GB SD card and installed FolderMount.apk. Cannot be happier for this $149 tablet.
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  4. dwalsherz

    dwalsherz Newbie

    Ya honestly there is only one thing that I could think of that somewhat is a dislike. The back rubber plate kind of creeks and you can push it in a little. Its minimal noise that is definitely not a big deal. Its a great tablet especially for the price. Does any one know where the development threads or forums are located for Roms and stuff?
  5. smackdaddies

    smackdaddies Lurker

    $15 2 year replacement warranty, including accidental damage is a bonus from walmart. I never buy warranties, but that one I bought.

    Only issue so far is it is a fingerprint magnet. Otherwise everything I wanted.
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  6. pa_cap

    pa_cap Member

    I have been keeping my Sero 7 plugged in to power at home when not using it to keep it charged up and limiting full charge cycles which can limit battery life. This is what I've done with my Thrive AT 100 for 2+ years. What I'm finding though on the Sero is the connection at the micro USB port is getting loose. My advice is to not use this method and let the battery run a full cycle to minimize a failure at the connection. FWIW.
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  7. bob60626

    bob60626 Android Enthusiast

    Have you tried a different cable? This plug is just the tiniest bit bigger than anything else we have; the Hisense cable is a very snug fit in my S2, for example.
  8. pa_cap

    pa_cap Member

    Nook simple touch cable is slightly tighter. Just received USB OTG cable with micro USB is much tighter. Will use the Nook cable and look through my others.
  9. Grindalo

    Grindalo Lurker

    The rubbery material on the back and sides makes the tablet somewhat easier to hold, but I'm not sure how I should clean it. I don't want to use my microfiber cloth on it because little pieces of the rubbery material might flake off and foul the cloth. When I clean the glass, I'm careful not to rub the rubbery material that surrounds it for fear it will transfer to the cloth and to the glass. For ease of cleaning, it might have been better for the back to be made from hard, slick, undimpled plastic.
    I wish this forum used http/ssl so passwords and messages would be shrouded.
  10. SpikedKoolaid

    SpikedKoolaid Newbie

    I would think the safest thing would be the simplest, a damp cloth soaked in lukewarm water (damp just enough to accomplish the task).

    For more stubborn dirt, ad a dab of mild hand soap, not so much lather that it would be difficult to "mop" it up.

    Without having a track record for Hisense to judge by; since they seem to be new to the market (for me at least) I too would be concerned about how the surface would react to any harsher cleaning than what I proposed.

    I will add that we keep a despensor handy, of those "Huggy" wet wipe things (towelettes I quess you'd call'em) and I've used them for years for wiping down the plastic parts and the rubberized lid cover of my Thinkpad laptops and to no adverse effect I've noticed (YMMV). It's worth mentioning not to use the real soggy ones from the bottom of the bag or plastic despensor.


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