LineageOS without recovery mode

I can't access the recovery mode on the S3 of my grandpa. Is there a way to install LineageOS without accessing recovery mode,I can go into download mode with no problems.

Thanks Guys and Girls, Paul.
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To install a custom rom, you need a custom recovery like TWRP and root.
No access to stock recovery, pressing and holding power + home + volume up?


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Is there a problem with the volume up button?
You could try flashing the stock firmware but you will still need a custom recovery to install a custom rom.


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I flashed the same as original OS via Odin and download mode again yesterday, now I tried accesing recovery by your method and it worked after doing it 10 times im gonna find my way to install lineage now. Thank you very much Jfalls63. :) because the phone is already so laggy that it's nearly unuseable