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LineageOS without recovery mode

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dudewithbrokenS4, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. dudewithbrokenS4

    Thread Starter

    I can't access the recovery mode on the S3 of my grandpa. Is there a way to install LineageOS without accessing recovery mode,I can go into download mode with no problems.

    Thanks Guys and Girls, Paul.

    #1 dudewithbrokenS4, Jun 2, 2017
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  2. Jfalls63

    Jfalls63 Android Expert

    What is the model number of your S3?
  3. dudewithbrokenS4

    Thread Starter

    I9300 Europe Android 4.3
  4. Jfalls63

    Jfalls63 Android Expert

    To install a custom rom, you need a custom recovery like TWRP and root.
    No access to stock recovery, pressing and holding power + home + volume up?
  5. dudewithbrokenS4

    Thread Starter

    No, I have tried it all.
  6. dudewithbrokenS4

    Thread Starter

    Is it possible that by flashing new firmware on the phone via odin, that it starts working again.
  7. Jfalls63

    Jfalls63 Android Expert

    Is there a problem with the volume up button?
    You could try flashing the stock firmware but you will still need a custom recovery to install a custom rom.
  8. dudewithbrokenS4

    Thread Starter

    I flashed the same as original OS via Odin and download mode again yesterday, now I tried accesing recovery by your method and it worked after doing it 10 times im gonna find my way to install lineage now. Thank you very much Jfalls63. :) because the phone is already so laggy that it's nearly unuseable
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  9. dudewithbrokenS4

    Thread Starter

    Phone now running Lineage OS with G APPS android 7.1.2
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